What is Bic code?

what is bic code

The BIC code is a unique identification code that belongs to different international banking institutions. Its main purpose is security, which is guaranteed thanks to the individual symbols. This code usually consists of eight or 11 characters that identify different banking institutions. The name Chase Bic code came about for a reason. It identifies a well-known bank called Chase Bank. If you have never heard of this code, we suggest you learn more about it below. 

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To begin with, it is worth considering the bank to which this code belongs. It is registered in the United States and provides banking services to customers located in this country and abroad. Let’s list what the symbols in this code stand for:

  • CHAS is a short name for an international bank.
  • US – the name of the country in which the main division of the bank operates.
  • The last digits indicate a particular division or branch of the bank.

Why is this code so relevant? This question interests many users. The whole point is that this bank has positively declared itself and has been successfully working for more than one year. If you pay attention to the rating, it is included in the list of the best American banks. Accordingly, this bank can boast of cooperation with large companies as well as successful and private clients. 

The BIC code is required for several necessary transactions. The BIC code is required to perform several necessary transactions. The advantages of this code also include an improved level of security. Several clever algorithms and symbols allow to avoid errors, so users can not worry about the reliability of a bank transfer or, on the contrary, the receipt of payment.

Many questions may arise about this year. If you do, experts recommend that you contact the bank directly to get advice from a financial specialist. In such cases, it is very important to get exactly the latest information, which can be clarified through direct communication. Remember that you can never have too much information in these cases.


The above information has clarified what the BIC code is. Please note that the characters of this code may differ depending on the branch or specific division of the bank. If you use this code, you should check its exact details. Information on this can be found on the official website. 

The bank called Chase Bank is useful in a wide range of services. It is worth noting that it is responsible not only for banking services but because for insurance investment asset management and much more. So if you are interested in different financial services pay attention to this bank. There is a lot of information about this on the Internet. The main thing is to pay attention to reliable and independent sources. Beware of suspicious sites and pay attention only to official sources.

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