The Surface Area of a Cylinder: How to Calculate It?

Surface Area of a Cylinder

The surface area of the cylinder will be the area occupied by its surface in a three-dimensional space because the cylinder is a three-dimensional structure that has circular bases that are exactly parallel to each other. It will never have any kind of vertices and generally, the area of three-dimensional shapes will always refer to its surface area. The surface area will be represented in the form of square units for example centimetre square, meter square and several other kinds of options depending upon the dimensions given in the question. The surface area of cylinder can even be seen as a set of circular discs which are stacked on each other so that people get the three-dimensional solid shape at the end. It will have both surface area as well as volume.

The surface area of the cylinder has been described as the total curved surface area and the area of circular bases. The formula for this has been explained as follows:

2 into pi into r (h + r) square units

Where h is the height and r is the radius, pi is the value= 22/7 or 3.142

The cylinder will have two kinds of surfaces one of them is a curved surface and the other one is a circular base. So the total surface area will be the sum of both of them. The curved surface area of the cylinder will be defined as the area of the curved surface of any given cylinder which has a base radius of R and height of H. It can also be termed the lateral surface area. On the other hand, the base area of the cylinder will be circular and it will be determined by the formula of the area of the circle which is 2 pi into r square.

Surface Area of a Cylinder

The surface area of the cylinder has different kinds of real-life applications as well because it can be perfectly utilized in a variety of situations to calculate how many things are required by the people to fulfil the overall process. One of the very basic examples is to find out how much paint will be required to need to paint a fuel tank which will be in the form of a cylinder.

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So, indulging in the right kind of surface area calculations is very much important in this particular area so that people can have the exact idea about the quality of paint required which will help in providing them with a complete estimation and will ensure that there will be no overspending in the whole process or wastage of resources that will provide them with the best possible advantages in the long run.

Being clear about the formulas like surface area and volume of a cylinder is very much important in the whole process so that people can indulge in perfect decision-making without any kind of issue. Apart from this, the surface area can even be utilized for different kinds of areas like covering a cylindrical shape or container, and various other kinds of things associated with the whole process.

In the case of the hollow cylinder, the formula will somewhat differ from the normal cylinder because it will be based upon the area of the internal curved surface plus the area of the external curved surface plus the area of the two rings. The hollow cylinder will be the very basic example of a tube or pipe which has been utilized in the household normally and sometimes people also need to indulge in the calculation of internal surfaces to consider everything and ensure that accurate estimates are available for them to make the decisions.

Hence, the calculation associated with the surface area and volume of the cylinder is very much important for the people which is the main reason that parents need to enroll their children into platforms like Cuemath so that they learn things perfectly from the very beginning and can have a good command over the subject.

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