There are many students who may be preparing for their exams for class 11th. Well, it is true that exams demand hard work, smart work, and concentration. However, if you are not paying attention to what you should not do, you may end up doing that. Sometimes, it is important to know about the things that you should avoid in your preparation.

When you start preparing your class 11 biology chapter by chapter, make sure that you keep the things in mind that you need to avoid. The point is simple, sometimes, students put in their time, effort, and energy and work hard too but their silly or simple mistakes ruin the productivity of their prep and performance. So, here are some things that you must avoid when preparing for class 11th biology subject.

Don’t study just when the exam is

It is important that you repeat your study over several shorter periods on different days. Study the material over the weekend or simply weekly, not just before your biology tests. Leave much time between study as well as that of self-testing so you are not just testing short-term memory and that repeat until you know that you may always get them right. Well before your biology exam, take a subsection of the material and study it as if the test on that topic was tomorrow. Finally,  don’t simply put it off until the night before the test. The point is simple, you need to stick to different variations when you study for biology. If you think that you would simply prepare for biology test before your class only, that would not work.  Once you know that you have studied regularly, with some balanced intervals, throughout the year; you would not be that nervous or scared about your test. And most probably you would do much better too.

Don’t overlook what you don’t know

If there are any biology concepts or topics that you do not completely understand, just get explanations. You must not wait until you are close to the exam to fill in this understanding. Get it today and now. Before you have the exam, you have to study with a higher level of proper understanding of everything. The point is if you are escaping from a specific concept that you do not understand well and hence, you no longer want to dig into that; that would be a mistake. What happens is when you look for an explanation of a specific topic right before your exam, it could become messy for your mind. However, if you get an explanation of the topics that sound strange to you well in advance, you would prepare much better and well. You would not find any hassles at all and smoothly understand it all. So, ask for an explanation than simply overlooking what you don’t know. and you can always use quality material for better understanding. For simple explained solutions and notes on biology, you can always visit platforms like Infinity Learn.

Memorizing alone is no good in biology

Maybe in your lower classes, you did only memorizing for different subjects, but it is not going to work for you in class 11th. You need to be sure that for specifically a subject like a bio, you have a proper understanding.  You need to study every chapter and topic to understand and not simply memorize. Once you study to understand everything, you have a better grasp of it. Moreover, your understanding makes you do well then you’re memorizing. There are always times when the examiner simply set the questions in a tricky manner. The questions are in a different ways and languages. Here, if you solve them on the basis of your understanding, you can score well. However, if you solve them simply on the basis of your memorizing; you may find everything going topsy-turvy. So, understanding is any day better than memorizing.

No revision is risky

If you think that once you have studied the chapters and topics of biology, you can do it in the exam, that would not be the right thing. You have no idea how things can simply sit on your mind and not get settled unless you do not revise them. Once you have studied the chapters, make sure that you revise at least the gist of every chapter. You must revise because revision ensures that your mind has a proper sequence of data stored. There would be a mess otherwise. Now, what is the point if you have your biology class 11th exam tomorrow and you have all the chapters and topics loaded in your mind but you are too confused because everything is so messed up in your mind? Here, if you would have done even a bit of revision of important topics, things would have been clearer in your mind. At the time of writing your answers, the concepts would not haunt you if you have done some sort of revision.


So, use NCERT solutions biology class 11 for your preparation and make sure that you do not avoid any of the things discussed in this post.

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