What Is the Difference Between Tags & Labels

Difference Between Tags & Labels
Difference Between Tags & Labels

What is the difference between tags and labels? This question is often asked by people who are new to blogging. Tags and labels are both ways of adding keywords to your post, which helps with search engine optimization (SEO). However, some key differences will help you decide which one best suits your needs.

Difference Based on its Use

Labels are used to identify and categorize items. For example, you might have a label for “books” on your bookshelf. On the other hand, tags are used to describe or provide additional information about an item. For example, you might tag a book as “fiction” or “nonfiction.”

Also, labels are usually permanent, whereas tags can be changed or deleted. Tags are often used on websites to help categorize the content. For example, a blog might use the tag “technology” to organize all its technology articles.

Difference Based on Definition

Labels are made from metal, paper, and die-cut plastics, whereas tags are made from Tyvek, PVC, and other materials. A label is a small piece of paper or plastic attached to an object with adhesive. On the other hand, a tag is a long, narrow strip of material that is attached to something with string or wire.

Difference Based on Purpose

Labels are most often used for informational purposes, whereas tags are often used for commercial reasons. A label might come attached to a product and contain important information like ingredients or date of manufacture.  Inefficient labeling can be corrected before the packaging is sealed. You can learn more about inefficient labeling from places like Seagull Scientific.

Tags on clothing items can help with inventory control by keeping track of where the item is in the store. A tag usually has more than one function, while labels generally serve only one purpose. Tags can be reused, whereas labels are usually thrown away once applied. Labels can also help identify things that might get lost or misplaced, such as a price tag on an item at a garage sale.

Difference Based on SEO Optimization

Labels can be used for SEO, whereas tags cannot. Tags add keywords to your content, which helps search engines index it and return more relevant results when people search for that term or topic. However, Google does not use the same label system as WordPress.

Google usually indexes tags because they are directly included in page code, while labels are not. Because of this, it’s best to use tags for optimizing your website content and use labels only when necessary.

In summary, labels:

  • Used to identify and categorize items
  • Permanent, whereas tags can be changed or deleted
  • Best used for informational purposes
  • SEO optimized

On the other hand, tags:

  • Used to describe or provide additional information about an item
  • Can be changed or deleted
  • Best used for commercial reasons
  • Not SEO optimized, but Google indexes tags included in page code directly

Which is better for you? That depends on what you need them for. If you’re looking for ways to optimize your website content, labels are probably the best choice. If you’re looking for a way to organize and categorize items in general, tags might be more useful for you.

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