One of the key elements of human civilization is communication, and we have seen a drastic change in the means of communication over the years. With the introduction of the post offices, a new era of communication came into existence, and with the passage of time post offices became capable of providing various other services as well. These services are not just limited to an individual but they are of great help to consumers and businessmen, in a way post offices started functioning commercially. Nowadays post offices provide banking and paying bill services as well along with parcel delivery and letter delivery facilities. They are widely used as a medium of exchange for contracts and registration papers issued by businesses or the government to other local state bodies.

In addition, the mail services are the primary or most used service of the post offices which deal with the collection of letters and parcels from the sender to distribute among the receivers. In this system, messages are transferred via letter or through the post offices. Moreover, there are numerous types of mail services that post offices provide, which are different from one another and have their own significance. In this article we will be finding out the different types of mail services and what they offer.

  1. Postcard- To begin with, one of the cheapest forms of communication that post offices provide is postcard services. It is a card type of thick material of rectangular shape on which you can write on both sides, there is a specified place for address and contact and the rest area of the card is for writing the actual or main content of the letter. Post offices provide two kinds of postcards are is ordinary postcards and competition postcards. Moreover, postcards are a great way of showing creativity, as they are one of the most thoughtful things you can send to someone
  2. Inland letter- The inland letter card is similar to postcards, issued by post offices for writing letters or messages, within the country only. Unlike the postcard, the written portion of the card is folded and sealed, and then delivered. A special type of card similar to the inland card is used for sending messages to foreign countries known as an aerogram. In aerogram the letter and the envelopes are one and the same, the letter is sent via airmail.
  3. Envelope– While postcards are not safe for sending confidential emails or messages and in inland letter cards it is not possible to send any enclosure although it ensures secrecy. The envelope is more equipped for providing professional or commercial purposes,, likewise, if a person wants to send an application or bio-data to a company for seeking employment then the envelope is used. A postal envelope is stabbed with a stamp on it and then sent to the organization. The official envelopes are always sent with a stamp on them and for that reason, they have higher charges. The envelope services are best provided by the official or verified centers such as post offices Manhattan, Colorado, Alaska, etc. which come under the jurisdiction of USPS.
  4. Parcel post– Along with providing letter services, another primary facility offered by the post offices is parcel posts. It is a facility through which articles can be sent in the form of parcel posts. The articles can be delivered within the country as well as outside the country. All required safety measures are taken for delivering the parcels. The prices of the parcel services are convenient but it usually depends on the weight of the pack.
  5. Telegram post– Telegram is a unique and important way of sending messages to distant places. The is a written text message transmitted by using an electronic device. The message is carried along with wires. And the text is carried as written or printed and delivered by hand or teleprinter. The Telegram post is delivered to the person in the same manner as it is. The letter post is sent from one post office to the other, it is sent to the nearest post office of the addressee. The charges of the telegram post are calculated on the basis of the words written on it. Hence, there was a time when telegram posts were of great use, but now as we have cell phones and various platforms for communication, the telegram post has lost its identity.
  6. Telephones- In many places, the first telephone service was offered by the post office and telegraph department in 1881. Communicating on call to the person of the same city is called the local call and communicating with one who belongs to a different state is called a trunk call. As of now communicating on call is the best means of communication preferred by most people. While these days telephone calls are available to everybody, in those days it was rare and only businesses used to interact through telephones.
  7. Book post All the material related to learning or reading is separately delivered through a book post. Printed material, printed books, periodicals, and greeting cards are some examples of a book post. Under book post, the envelopes are closed not sealed, on the face of the envelope it is mentioned book post. The posting charges of a book post are typically less than the postage on a sealed envelope, especially for books the rates are comparatively low.


The post offices were the first means of communication, they offer a variety of services to the people which are essential to both individuals, businesses, and the government as well. They act as a retailer, they accept, collect and dispatch letters, envelopes, telegrams, and book posts. The major reason why people rely on them is that they have built the trust and faith of the people, especially since they are of great importance for connecting rural or remote areas with urban civilization. Till today there exist many villages which lack networks for communication over calls or the internet. In this scenario post offices are of great help; they are easily accessible and affordable and open to all.

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