Let’s talk about the fact that work in India is one of the best jobs in the world. We will measure in order why in India. India has developed many interesting crafts that you can not only learn but also earn on them. Also, you may be aware of areas that few Indians know and as a conclusion you will be a respected figure in this country. Jobs abroad Indians include from government works, railway, bank, post-office jobs to picking tea leaves workings. 

Have a look at this offer.

A barista vacancy. Working in Erbil International Airport in the top level coffee shop. The alcohol is served here, so make sure you have not problems with it. You will earn about 700 USD per month

You are assured with free transport, free accommodation, tips, bonus (up to 100 USD per month, depends on your success) and a lot of other bonuses. The work is about 12 hours daily with one day off in a week, and free holidays.

Work in the cafe is not for you? Then let’s have a look through other vacancy.

Total Oil and Gas Company also is looking for responsible workers. They are needed in:

Marketing Professional

Service Manager


Mechanical Engineer

*And many more*. You can find a job for yourself due to your personal liking and skills.

Despite the fact that India is considered a country in which the level of poor population, it still remains one of the highest in the world, the country is developing economically quite rapidly. This can be evidenced by various pharmaceutical and food companies that annually produce thousands of goods for export to Europe and other parts of the world. So you can also find work there in the medical field. Such specialists as:





accountants and financiers – enjoy great popularity in India, so if you want to improve your medical knowledge and be a high qualified doctor in India – search for it and you will definitely find such opportunities to gain.

Software Developer is one of the professions, which Indians want to have. As you know IT technologies are evolving in seconds and such professionals are in demand.

Experience from 0 (Fresher) to 5 years. Payment is made only after getting the offer letter

Send your updated CV, choose one company, arrange funds, interview schedule, same day offer letter with the verification process and same-day payment.

Here are a few stages of employment.

1.      Job search has a fairly simple scheme. You go to international employment sites or exclusively national ones. Then do the following:

2.      Choose the vacancies you need and send your resume. We recommend that you additionally attach a cover letter to distinguish your candidacy from the rest. In it you can write about yourself and why you need to take it.

3.      Have an interview with your employer (usually via Skype).

4.      Prepare documents for signing a contract.

5.      You get a work visa, while it is desirable to have a job invitation from the company.

6.      Book flights if they are not provided by your employer.

7.      Select housing (if necessary). In most cases, the employer provides accommodation for the employees.

Let’s get started in getting jobs in India!


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