Real Time Game
Real Time Game

The concepts of online gaming have evolved so much over time. Things are not limited to playing flash games online or playing multiplayer from the same gaming console. Now, players can interact with other players over the internet in real-time games. Real-time games are those where multiplayer players play together and the action of each player leaves an option of response for the other player with a deadline to keep up. A classic example of a real-time game would be chess. When a player makes a move, the opponent has to respond to the move by forwarding one of his own pieces. If the player keeps the other player waiting beyond the stipulated time, the other player wins automatically. So, real-time games can be really thrilling to play and you can play popular games like poker, rummy, chess, ludo, etc in this format. 

You can go for 9stacks app download if you are a fan of playing real-time poker. One of the advantages of playing poker is that you can play several versions of the game. And when you play the game on 9stacks, it has its own perks which we will discover in the section below. So, without further ado, let us proceed. 

The Relevance of Real-time Games

Real-time games have their own prospects. You play these games not simply because they are interesting but because they give you the opportunity to make quick decisions in a short span of time. At the same time, you are also aware that your opponent is plotting against you there and then, so this can make things more competitive. But the outcome of all this is that you get to play online games as if you are playing with real players right in front of you. 

There are many cognitive benefits of playing real-time games as well. It will increase your ability to process information quickly, improve observational skills and make quick decisions. 

Why Play at 9stacks?

When we talked about 9stacks app download it was not simply to play real-time games which you can easily play on so many different platforms. It is the added advantage that you get on 9stacks that makes the gaming app so special. For one thing, 9stacks is one of the fastest-growing poker platforms in the country. But apart from this, here are some of the benefits of playing poker at 9stacks:

Play for Real Money 

Gone are those days when playing and earning money were two separate and usually opposite activities (except for athletes, of course). Now with platforms like 9stacks you can merge the two concepts under a single term. When you play poker at 9stacks, you will have all the opportunities to earn real money from it. This way, you will be able to get not only entertainment but also monetary rewards which will take your entertainment experience to a whole new level.

Winning real money by playing games on 9stacks makes the platform even more interesting.

Play Anywhere and Anytime 

As 9stacks is an online platform, you can access the platform anywhere and at any time. Whether you are traveling or sitting by yourself during the lunch break in your office you can access the platform at your convenience. Besides, there is no fixed time for logging in to the application. You can do it in the early morning or even late at night. Basically, the application is available to serve you at your convenience. 

Real-time Poker 

Playing poker with a pre-programmed AI is one thing and playing it with another player is quite a different feeling. When you play poker at 9stacks, you get to experience the true real-time feel where players are time-bound and each player has to make smart decisions within the given time limit. It surely makes the game much more interesting and interactive at the same time. 


A great feature of 9stacks is that it is a totally legitimate website. It works without violating any rules and regulations of the Indian laws. An important thing to note here is that there are several states in India that have banned many real money earning apps within their region. The geo-detection feature of 9stacks will automatically decline players from these selected regions to ensure that no violation of the state laws take place. 

Quick Withdrawal 

Winning a substantial amount of money is one thing and getting it in your bank account is a separate feeling in itself. But if the withdrawal time is too much it might cause inconvenience to the players. 9stacks ensures that the players get their money as soon as possible. It uses some of the fastest payment method technologies and as a result, the money gets credited to your account within a matter of 2 hours. With many other real-time gaming apps, the withdrawal time period ranges between 2-5 days. 

As it is made clear, with 9stacks app download you are sure to get a lot under the same roof. From real-time gaming experience to earning real money with quick withdrawal, 9stacks is everything you are looking for if you are a poker fan.

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