Rooter to earn money
Rooter to earn money

Earning money through applications has become such a common practice. One such app which made a sensation in the gaming community was Rooter. The idea behind Rooter was quite interesting. Here players can play their favorite games like PUBG, Call of Duty, FIFA, etc., and stream them at the same time on the app. And this is not the end of it. Players could also earn money by watching these live streams. You can also earn by watching other videos on the platform or by the common process of referring and earning. 

But over time, many apps like Rooter have come up where you can earn money by watching videos, answering surveys, and referring and earning. We have curated a list of apps that provide these features. You can try these apps if you are already familiar with Rooter. You might get better offers and rewards there. So, without further ado, let us proceed. 

Apps Like Rooter You Want to Try

In this compilation, you will find apps that cater to different utilities. 

There are different apps like Rooter that provide rewards but with unique features. 

Some of the top apps that you can use that work similar to Rooter are as follows: 


One of the most popular applications for earning real money and points for free is mGamer. It is one of the first platforms to bring this concept to India. The offers and opportunities you get here to earn are plenty. All you have to do is follow the simple tasks like watching videos, playing some games, and watching ads. For this, you are rewarded in referral codes, cashback, and of course coins which you can use for game credits. There is also a tournament mode for players who are interested in playing that. 


There are many apps like Rooter, and dGamer is one of them. Although in terms of concept and approach, it will remind you of mGamer with the sole exception that you will not find the tournament feature in it. But this still does not take away the basic purpose of the game which is to make sure that the users of the platform are able to win referrals and rewards through it. Here, too, the objective is to watch videos and fill forms to get the rewards. 


HomeWork has a multi-level referral program. The method of working of this app will remind you of Rooter and other apps like it. To earn referrals here you will have to install applications, watch videos and do similar kinds of stuff as the app demands from you. But no matter what the task is, one thing is for sure: they are not going to be difficult. All you have to do is give your time to them and you will be rewarded with what you were promised. 

Joy Wallet 

Joy Wallet is exclusively made for those who love to play. The process of earning rewards here is the same as it is for other applications mentioned above. However, where it differs from other applications is that it offers coins to the players who can use it to buy game credits for their favorite games. 

Daily Buzzer 

This one is for geeks! One of the downsides of the other applications is the content that you have to watch might not be interesting to you. So, even though you get your reward in the end, the time that you spent watching those videos might not have been to your taste or useful to you. But with Daily Buzzer this is not the case. This is because there is a special feature in Daily Buzzer called the BuzzBreak. BuzzBreak is the news section of Daily Buzzer and for reading news here you will be paid the rewards. It will not be an understatement to say that with Daily Buzzer you get rewards both while watching the content as well as after it. 

Are These Apps Better than Rooter?

Initially, the applications mentioned above were referred to as apps like Rooter. A qualitative assessment of their service would be highly subjective. In some respects, Rooter might be better than them while in other places, they are better than Rooter. The best way to find out about this is to compare the offers they have in store for you. Based on this comparison, you will be able to know which app is more suitable. It might even be the case that to make full use of your ends, you will have to use more than one app at once which is not bad either. 

Be it Rooter or any other application like it, the important thing is to earn rewards through a transparent process. If the application is limiting itself to basic tasks like watching videos, ads, news, installing apps, playing games, then it is all good. Another common way in which you will be able to earn through these apps would be through the process known as ‘refer and earn’. So, exploit all these opportunities and make sure that you derive full benefits from Rooter and apps like Rooter. 

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