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Uttar Pradesh Death Certificate:A certificate of death is a document issued to the next of kin of a deceased person, which contains the date of death and the details of the cause of death. To provide proof of time and date of death, to free the individual from social, judicial and governmental obligations, to dispose of property related heritage disputes to authenticate the fact of death, and to deposit insurance and other benefits to the family. It is mandatory to register the death to authorize for.

Death certificate Uttar pradesh

Under the law in India (as per the Birth and Death Registration Act, 1969) it is mandatory to register each death within 21 days of its occurrence in the respective State / Union Territory. Accordingly, the Government has provided a well-defined system for registering deaths in the registrar premises in the villages and registrars in the villages, with the Registrar General at the Center, near India and with the Chief Registrars in the States.

Necessity to obtain death certificate 

The death report or its registration can be done by the head of the family if it happens at home; If it is in a hospital, it is done by the medical in-charge, if it is in jail, by the jail in-charge, if the dead body is lying, then the head of the village or the local place in-charge. To apply for the death certificate, you must first Death has to be registered. The death has to be registered with the concerned authority within 21 days of its completion by filling the form prescribed by the registrar.

Uttar Pradesh Death Certificate, Online
Uttar Pradesh Death Certificate, Online

The death certificate is then issued after proper verification. If it is not registered within 21 days of the death, permission is required from the Registrar / Area Magistrate, if there is a delayed registration with the prescribed fee. The need to apply is usually available with the local body authorities or registrars of the area who maintain the death register. You may also be required to submit proof of birth of the deceased person, a promissory note specifying the time and date of death, a copy of the ration card and the required fee in the form of a court stamp.

Online application for Uttar Pradesh  death  certificate

  • Click on the website given here to get the death certificate to the applicant
  • A form will appear for online registration, on which you fill all your details.
  •  Enter Password or OTP Code
  • Click submit button
  • Uttar Pradesh death certificate will be on the screen in front of you.

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