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Uttar Pradesh Caste Certificate:Caste certificate is a proof of one’s belonging to a particular caste, especially in a case when one belongs to a caste for a backward caste as specified in the Indian Constitution. The government felt that the backward castes needed special encouragement and opportunities to progress at the same pace as the rest of the citizens.

As a result , citizens of this category are given certain benefits as part of the Indian system of defensive discrimination, such as reservation of seats in the legislature and government services, exemption of some or all fees for admission to schools and colleges Dena, quota in educational institutions, relaxation of upper age limit for applying in some jobs, etc. To be able to get these benefits, a backward caste person must have a valid caste certificate.

 UP SC / ST / OBC Certificate   Online 

 UP SC /ST/OBC caste certificate online

 Dear friends, as you all know everywhere is a matter of school, college or job, then we need a caste certificate, because with the caste certificate we get relaxation in some services, so we have a caste certificate. If we do not have a caste certificate, then we have to face many difficulties.

Benefits of caste certificate

  1. If a person belongs to SC ST OBC caste then it is very easy to get a place in jobs.
  2. To get admission in any school or college, it is very important to have a caste certificate.
  3. Caste certificate is also sought if the student wants to take any scholarship in college or school.
  4. In any other government work, having a caste certificate is very important.

Need to get caste certificate 

Uttar Pradesh Caste Certificate
Uttar Pradesh Caste Certificate

The application form is available online or at the local concerned office in the city / town / village, which is usually the office of the SDM (Sub Divisional Magistrate) or Tehsil or Revenue Department. If any member of your family is first questioned locally before issuing caste certificate. Proof of residence in your own state for a minimum period of time, a promissory note stating that you are a backward caste and specific court stamp fees are required at the time of application.

Scheduled  Castes / mass race  in  order  to get a certificate

Scheduled Tribes are found in various states and union territories of India. In the pre-independence period, all tribes were grouped as “Scheduled Tribes” under the Constitution. The criteria adopted for specifying as Scheduled Tribes include the following:

  • Traditionally residing in a certain geographical area.
  • Distinct culture that encompasses all aspects of tribal life ie language, customs, tradition, religion and religion, art and crafts etc.
  • Primitive features that reflect business practices, economy, etc.
  • Lack of educational and technological economic development.

The specification of Scheduled Tribes belonging to a particular State / Union Territory was made with the State Government concerned. These orders can be converted into matter, it is done by an Act of Parliament. As per Article 342 of the Constitution of India, after consultation with the State Government concerned, the President has so far implemented 9 orders specifying the Scheduled Castes in relation to the respective States and Union Territories.

This certificate is valid forever until the Government of India comes out with a new law, that means there is no amendment unless. This certificate is valid until a new reservation rule or caste list is amended by the Government of India or the State Government .

Online application for Uttar Pradesh caste certificate

  • Tribes listed in the President’s notified orders can apply to obtain the Tribe Certificate.
  • Tribal development departments provide online facilities.
  • Click on the website given here to get Uttar Pradesh caste certificate

  • A form will appear for online registration, on which you fill all your details.
caste certificatedownload20 days101. Authenticated declaration form (  click for format ) 2.
Council / Warden / Village Head certificate regarding caste
  • Now click on the check certificate link
  • Your certificate will appear in front of you.

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