Unlock Entire Visibility of Your Business with Unified Communications Monitoring

Unified communications monitoring is a must if you wish to get the best out of your business by unlocking the vast potential of seamless communication. New technologies such as unified communication systems offer you the convenience of using a single system to manage a host of tools. As a result, your phones, instant messaging, video conferencing, fax, email, and customer service, everything can be brought under one umbrella for a unified, efficient, and streamlined system.

What is Unified Communications Monitoring?

Unified communications comprise all the different tools we use for communication within the office and outside. It includes all messaging tools, voice and video calls, emails, and faxes, and any of the collaboration tools you use for teamwork, file sharing, and cloud computing, among others. Unified communication monitoring enables the business to keep an eye on every communication channel and tool in real-time. It means everything is visible at a glance and hence you can have better control and visibility.

The Benefits of Unified Communications

There are several benefits of unified communications monitoring, especially in a scenario where the employees are working remotely.  A steady flow of communication must be ensured and the best way to ensure seamless communication is a unified communication system. It means you can bring all your communications tools together and track everything easily. Apart from this obvious benefit, there are some other advantages of having unified communication. They are:

Increased efficiency

As the unified communication system combines various communication technologies and offers you convenient and easy to manage equipment or software to conduct business faster and easier. Most unified communications systems are designed to facilitate the staff, client, and customers to communicate with one another seamlessly.

Better collaboration

As all the tools are unified, any staff working in the office or remotely can easily collaborate in real-time through any of the tools such as instant messaging, video conferencing, live chats, and more. Unified communication systems also offer features such as screen sharing and interactive whiteboards to allow instant information sharing and decision making. All of this can be undertaken in real-time, regardless of the employee’s location.

Enhanced security and data storage

Almost all unified communication systems are cloud-based. It means all your employees can access as and when they need it, and you will always have a backup of private and sensitive data. The unified communication systems also offer password protection for sensitive documents and folders. It means only authorised people can access them. In addition, the service providers offer 24/7 monitoring and assistance. So, in the unlikely event of a server going down, the downtime can significantly be reduced as help is immediately available. Also, as the data is stored in multiple locations, even if one system goes down, it is possible to retrieve data quickly and easily from another source.


A unified communication system combines all your communication and collaboration platforms into one, thereby saving your money on initial and long-term costs.

Better Customer Experience 

A unified communication system is more than just a phone system. It facilitates seamless communication and collaboration for your employees and enhances the end-user experience too. Features such as call queues and Interactive Voice Response ensure no calls are missed, and all calls are routed correctly to the right person.

In short, a unified communications system not only enhances business productivity but also increases the visibility of your business by offering an enhanced user experience. Overall productivity and communication also improve with unified communications.