5 Tactics To Close More Sales In The Automotive Sector

Regardless of whether you are the owner of a large or small car dealership, or what brands you drive, having customers and closing effective sales is a win for two: the user will cover their needs and you will have financial compensation to grow your business.

Many companies in the automotive industry have the same goal: to acquire customers and retain them so that they will make a repeat purchase or lease a vehicle. Finance Manager Training is one of the best F&I schools providing F&I training for dealerships.

But what is happening if you have a hard time closing a sale in the automotive sector?

Be careful, because without buyers you can’t keep going! In the following lines we will explain why closing vehicle sales is so important, beyond the obvious, and what are the infallible tactics for your users to close the operation.

What is closing sales?

The definition of closing sales is focused on the moment in which the user buys a product.

Why is it so important?

Closing a sale is more complex than you think. It is necessary to apply a strategy and a series of tactics during the purchase process so that you can give that future buyer argument that describes the vehicle and convince him to make the deal.

Before this phase of buying, you must attract prospects with current techniques, not old school. We recommend applying inbound sales strategies that involve processes and tools to attract visitors to your website and nurture them into customers. 

How to close sales in the automotive business?

There are different tactics to close the sale of cars in an automotive business, it all depends on the behavior of the customer during the live sale. Have you considered these tactics?

Direct closure

This tactic is very simple because it directly addresses the customer with a question. But be careful, because not everyone is going to act the same way and you must be very sure that the sale is already made.

For example, imagine that the prospect is already at the dealership and has not yet expressed the desire to buy, it is time for you to ask him: Are you willing to choose this car model? Do you want to take a test drive?

Alternative closure

At this point, you must present the user with two alternatives to choose one. If you are describing the characteristics of the cars, take two models according to his requirements, and persuade him to think about which one to keep.

Tie closure

During the sale, you must choose certain questions that you will ask the prospect, but you must do it with kid gloves because the answers must be affirmative, either in words or body expressions.

Use terms such as “is it correct?”, “is it so?”, “is it true?”, this will allow having positive stimuli in it and the more “yes” you get, the user will have a clearer decision to buy or rent the car you are presenting.

Difficult closing

This tactic is applied when the user is receptive to the sales process but does not need the product or service immediately.

However, you cannot miss the moment to continue selling.

For example: If you are offering the latest vehicle to hit the market and it is in high demand, you can tell them that it will be out of stock soon, or that the next batch will arrive in the next few months.

Of course, without lying to the client, do not lose their trust for a little extra attention.

Close by mistake

During your explanation of the sale of the vehicle model you are offering, induce the customer to correct you. This technique means two things: that the client is aware of what you are saying and that the sale is close to closing.

Although what was explained above works for you when your prospect is at the dealership, it is important that you previously apply a digital strategy. Remember that consumer habits have changed.

According to the Global Auto Study report, the web is a site where users frequently go to search for information and make decisions when buying or renting a car.

However, these tactics that I am telling you today will work for you to finalize the closure when you have it face-to-face.

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