Know about Park Bunker Code All Bunker Locations And Access Codes In COD Warzone

Park Bunker Location
Park Bunker Location

Park Bunker Code: Park Bunker location has been one of the most frequently asked questions from gamers. Players are trying to locate all bunker places.

Call Of Duty Warzone has been among the most popular games in this COD franchise. The developers have managed to draw in several players by their engaging and interesting gameplay. The bunkers are one of them and players have been bombarding players with queries regarding the similar. Find out more about the bunker locations within Call Of Duty Warzone.

At present, players have been asking lots of questions regarding bunkers found in Warzone. When you read the answers it appears that this bunker in the park is among the toughest bunkers to locate. People have been asking questions such as, “where is park bunker location in COD Warzone”. So, we’ve taken these inquiries and answered them for you. Here’s where to find the park bunker, as well as other bunkers located in Warzone.

There are 10 bunkers within COD Warzone. The park bunker is situated in the lower part in the Map. Gamers need to get to the Southern area on the map. Find to the “park” on the map and then move toward the south of the map. Once you have reached the road on the outskirts to the map begin following it. The road will lead you to a stone structure that is where the park bunker been situated. In addition to that park bunker you can find all other bunker sites in the COD warzones.

  • Bunker 1 located near the dam. Go up the hill near the dam. Search for the bunker within the area.
  • Bunker 2: Follow the western route on the map. Continue looking to the left side for a small stone structure. The bunker is within the stone structure.
  • Bunker 3 Bunker 3: This bunker is right close to the second bunker’s place. The stone houses are identical to the other buildings. Check them all out and discover two bunkers in them.
  • Bunker 4 3: Keep following Bunker 4: Follow the Kart Track and continue looking at the left. Like bunker 2 as well as 3, you will need to see a small stone building. This will lead to bunker 4.
  • Bunker 5 is located in the Southern portion on the map. Find a path of sand towards the bottom of the rock. The path that is rocky will take you to bunker 5.
  • Binker 6: Get to”the “park” and move towards the edge of the maps. Find the stone building in which bunker 6 is situated.
  • Bunker 7: Begin walking towards the Northeast part of the Prison. Take a walk along the moat and search at the Bunker 6 on the cliff side.
  • Bunker 8: Head to towards the Northeast area of the Stadium. A tiny “construction site” will be located. Examine the stone buildings there for bunker 8.
  • Bunker 9: Examine the stone homes close to bunker 8. Bunker 9 must be located inside one of the homes exactly like the previous one.
  • Bunker 10: Begin moving towards the east of quarry. There is a block-off tunnel with tracks for trains at the final point on the map. Bunker 10 is situated above it.

Bunker’s codes are in COD

  • Prison Shack Code 72948531
  • Farmland code 49285163
  • 3: South Junkyard: 97264138
  • North Junkyard: 87624851
  • Park – 60274513
  • TV Station – 27495810

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