Open ICICI Bank Millennials Savings Account and get a Personal loan of up to 25 lakhs

Open ICICI Bank Millennials Savings Account and get a Personal loan of up to 25 lakhs:

ICICI Bank on Thursday launched a Comprehensive Banking Program for Millennials, under which they can open an Instant Savings Account from home and take many facilities including personal loans online. The bank has named it ICICI Bank Mine. In addition to the Savings account, iMobile application will also offer investment guidance, special credit and debit cards for Millennials. A person between 18 to 35 years can apply for this. The person has to download iMobile from the bank’s website or Google Play Store for Android.

Savings account will open online

Millennials will get the benefit of opening an instant savings account. With this help, the customer can open a savings account completely digitally using his Aadhaar and PAN card on the bank’s website or iMobile mobile application. In this, the account number and virtual debit card are generated immediately, which customers can start using immediately for transaction and online payment.

Investment management tools

With this, customers will get access to the iMobile app with new features. In addition to the existing features, customers will get two additional benefits. It will have a customized personal finance management tool that uses real time AI based analytics to create its own budget. In this, transaction history, spending tracker which will send alerts on budget consumption and other products will be suggested on the basis of expenditure. These suggestions include credit / debit card upgrade, reward redeem, investment.

In the second feature, customers will be able to save for their goals. Customers can choose their investment option based on their goals and risk profile. The bank has tied up with a mutual fund investment fintech Sqrrl for this.

ICICI Bank is offering the country’s first Flexi Plan Credit Card. With this help, customers can choose the plan according to their lifestyle and monthly needs. They can choose one of the three plans on iMobile. The card has also tied up with Amazon, Swiggy, Zomato, Myntra, etc. and up to 5 percent cashback on big digital brands.

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Personal loan and overdraft facility

Millennial customers can also avail of two instant credits through iMobile. In this, they can take an Insta personal loan of up to 25 lakhs in just three seconds. Secondly, they can also take advantage of Insta FlexiCash linked overdraft facility for their expenses. The bank has provided the facility of digital branch for the entire range of investment and loans. There is a availability of digital kiosks with information on products and policies.

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