swiss watches
swiss watches

A good quality watch is not only a tool but a symbol of prestige and luxury, and so it has been since the invention of watches. Among all, the craftsmanship and quality of Swiss watches are, without a doubt, unmatched but, unfortunately, so is the price in most cases. 

This is the main reason why some users don’t even want to try browsing for a Swiss watch – they are scared of the huge prices. And while in most cases the price range exceeds most budgets, that’s not always the case. 

Nowadays there are some Swiss watchmaking companies that offer budget-friendly watches while still managing to keep the high-quality and craftsmanship of their products.

If you are looking for wristwear that you can afford and that will make you just as proud as a high price at Jackpot City online, below you will find a list of the companies offering affordable Swiss watches. 


The first entry on our list is Hamilton. This Swiss company actually started out as an American brand and gained a lot of popularity in the United States before being acquired by the Swiss in 1970. Hamilton is a part of Swatch Group, becoming a member in 1984, meaning that they enjoy far lower production costs for their watches.

Definitely not the cheapest brand on our list, Hamilton is considered a mid-high priced watches brand with a lot of history.  This company was the go-to choice for celebrities like Elvis Presley and was featured in movies like The Tenet, The Marian and Interstellar. 

In terms of style, Hamilton’s watches are mostly considered sports and military watches, being robust and resilient, yet simple and elegant. 

Hamilton is often compared to Tissot because they share the same targeted market and their collections share similar quality standards, remaining mostly in the same price range.


Victorinox is a Swiss company founded in 1884, well-known for the superior-quality Army Knives and it has only started producing watches very recently, in 1989. Even if this company is relatively new in the watches market, it has already proven its worth through the quality and reliability of its products. 

Victorinox’s catalogue of products varies from military to chronograph, dive and dress watches, covering quite a large audience. 

Stainless steel or titanium, carbon-finished surfaces and high-quality ruby and sapphire crystals are common materials used in the manufacturing process, placing Victorinox’s watches among the most balanced picks when it comes to costs vs quality. 


When it comes to Swiss watches on a budget, there are a couple of less-known companies that can still be a great choice – like Movado. This company’s watches are targeted mostly at women and there is not a wide range of models available. 

The style of Movado watches is fashioned with a little bit of bling as you will encounter many stones and flashy details. Minimalistic and sport-styled, the watches that come out of the gates of Movado clearly boast a unique style and personality. 

In terms of prices, Movado is one of the most affordable Swiss watches brands on our list. It is not targeted at those who love the outdoors, but a Movado watch is a perfect choice if you are looking to complete an evening outfit. 


For users who prefer an established Swiss watches brand, Tissot may be a perfect choice. These watches can be considered premium-quality and their price is quite affordable, creating a perfect balance of quality and affordability. 

This company is a part of The Swatch Group which means the costs for producing their watches are far lower compared with the competition, without having to sacrifice the quality. What this means for users, is that you get a top-quality watch, of stunning craftsmanship, but much cheaper. 

Most affordable Tissot watches are automatic and the best part is that they come in a very wide range of shapes, designs and styles. The possibilities that Tissot can offer are nearly endless and it’s impossible not to find something to fit your needs in their collection.


Last on our list is Alpina. Founded in 1883, this company is among the established Swiss watch brands and also one of the oldest producers on the market. Well-known for its innovations and multitude of features, Alpina has always been the go-to brand for divers, alpinists, mountaineers and the military. 

There are four main attributes to be taken into consideration when you are choosing a reliable sports watch and Alpina checks all the boxes. Their products are water-resistant, anti-magnetic, shock resistant and they are made of stainless, resistant materials. 

Like any other Swiss watch, Alpina’s watches are not only reliable but also look slick and stylish. They are considered the most affordable variant on our list and definitely worth a try for those who would love a swiss watch under $1000. 

Final Words

It’s not actually a secret that Swiss watches are expensive. They are indeed of premium quality, but also they do not fit in most users’ budget range. If you are looking for reliable wristwear, accurate and quality-driven that can still fit in your budget, any of the companies above can be your go-to if they fit your preferences.