How to Wrench a Bolt

An adjustable wrench, also often referred to as an adjustable spanner, is a tool that can be utilized in order to tighten or loosen nuts and bolts. It comes with a “jaw” that fits in the bolt or nut of adjustable size and works with the turning of the screw that is normally situated on the bottom of the head. 

Ordinary wrenches are only able to be used with a particular size of a nut, but adjustable wrenches work on a much wider array of nut sizes and come in particularly handy for mechanics and plumbers. 

It is not difficult to wrench a bolt with the use of an adjustable wrench, and there are only a handful of directions that need to be understood so as to make correct use of one. 

Using an adjustable wrench

The first step is to identify the nut or bolt you are intending to tighten. You can then turn the screw mechanism on the adjustable wrench to open the wrench’s jaw. Make sure that it has been opened to a sufficient size to be able to accommodate the nut or bolt you want to tighten. It should be opened to be a little bit bigger than the nut or bolt size. 

The open jaw should then be slipped over the bolt or nut and the screw mechanism turned so that it is tightly clamped around it. The wrench then needs to be turned clockwise for the purpose of tightening it, and then later counter-clockwise after use in order to loosen it. The screw mechanism should continue to be turned until the nut or bolt is fully tightened or is loose enough to be able to be removed. 

It is very important to choose the right wrench size for the fastener you are trying to loosen or tighten in order to avoid damaging it or indeed causing injury to yourself during the process. The jaw of the wrench also needs to be in full contact with the fastener before any pressure is applied. By doing these two things you help to make it less likely that the adjustable wrench will slip.

It is also a good idea to pull rather than push when using an adjustable wrench. This helps to make sure you will not scrape your knuckles if the wrench does slip off the fastener. If pushing is required then make use of the heel of your hand to avoid hurting yourself if the wrench does slip. 

If the wrench appears damaged with overly wide jaws or a bent handle, do not use it. 

Adjustable wrench size

Adjustable wrenches are available to purchase in a variety of different sizes, those 6, 8, and 10-inch sizes are all solid choices as they will work with the majority of standard hardware and enable access to tight corners and spaces that are difficult to reach. 10-inch adjustable wrenches are often used in heavy-duty applications such as automotive repair and farming equipment. 

The best advice is to make sure you buy an adjustable wrench of high quality and follow the above instructions to wrench a bolt. 

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