How to Watch netflix For Free

Watch netflix For Free:For those watching Netflix, December is going to be a special opportunity. This American content streaming company is going to host Streamfest on 5 and 6 December. Netflix will also allow people who do not have Netflix subscriptions to access content on their platform through this StreamFest. This means that on December 5 and 6, you can watch Netflix content for absolutely free.

Actually, the company wants to add new customers in a big market like India through this streamfest. In the Indian market, Netflix competes with OTT platforms like Amazon Prime Video, Disney HotStore and MX Player Player with Zee5. In such a situation, now this company is resorting to Streamfest to increase its user base.

Content Monica Shergill, vice president of Netflix India, said, “Through Netflix, we want to bring the most unique stories in India to entertainment lovers in the world.” So we are organizing Streamfest. Netflix will be available free of charge for customers in India from 12 pm to 5 December 6.

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, he said that if no individual subscribers to Netflix, that’s your name, website or app email or phone Netflix with numbers, and passwords Can signup via They do not have to pay any money for content streaming.

This feature will be available from smart TV to mobile app
After registering once in this streaming fest, users can watch all things of Netflix on smart TV, gaming console, Apple, Android app or web on Netflix. Customers need to remember that the Streamfest facility will have the facility of single streaming of standard definition. It will also be determined by the company that a limited number of people can use Netflix services. However, no detailed information has been given by the company about it.

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Actually, Netflix’s purpose is to attract people of the country to the company’s content through this streaming fest. This is why the company is giving free access to people on a weekend so that they can get the experience of the series of Netflix. After this, they will be motivated to become customers.

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