How to Register a Business in Hong Kong Is Now Super-easy with These

The dream of every entrepreneur is to grow his/her business and take it to the level of the most revered brands, such as Google and Toyota. To achieve this status, most of these top brands have a story and a journey, and the most notable of these is opening and growing branches offshore. For example, opening a branch in Asia can help your brand to tap into the rapidly growing market in APAC, but first, you need to identify the right jurisdiction. One of the best regions for registering an offshore company is Hong Kong. 

Hong Kong has won the tag “investment paradise,” and can help your brand achieve fast growth. Although the process of registering a company in Hong Kong is simpler compared to most regions globally, many people still find it pretty complex because of the long list of required documents. However, it does not have to be complicated if you use the following three simple steps to register a business in Hong Kong. 

Why Open a Business in Hong Kong?

Before looking at the three simple steps that you should follow to register a business in Hong Kong, it is prudent to appreciate the unique advantages of this jurisdiction. Here are the most common: 

  • Attractive tax system.
  • A liberal economy. 
  • Easy access to mainland China. 
  • Strategic location in Asia makes access to other neighbouring markets equally easy. 
  • It boasts world-class infrastructure. 
  • A large pool of qualified workforce. 

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The Three Easy Steps to Use to Register a Business in Hong Kong 

The process of company registration in Hong Kong is guided by the Companies Ordinance, and it is crucial to understand it. Then, follow these three steps: 

Step One: Identify a Good Agency of Experts to Assist with the Process 

According to the Companies Ordinance, investors are allowed to use the services of agencies when registering companies. The good thing about an agency is that it comprises experts with years of experience in company registration. Therefore, you can expect to get the business registration documents prepared professionally and the entire process completed fast. A good agency also comes with the following benefits: 

  • Assisting you in selecting the right company structure. 
  • Supporting your company with post-registration procedures. 
  • Offers guidelines for the right company entry strategy and success.

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Step Two: Send All the Particulars about Your Company 

After selecting the preferred agency to help with company registration in Hong Kong, you have to provide the required details. These are particulars that will go into the different documents for company registration. The agency will guide you on all aspects of the registration, including process and requirements. Some of the details that will be required include information on shareholders, business name, directors, company secretary, and registered office. 

As you register a business in Hong Kong, note that the agency can also act as your company secretary and registered office to keep the cost of business formation low. 

Step Three: The Agency Registers Your Company and Sends the Certificate of Incorporation 

After preparing all the documents, the agency will register a business in Hong Kong on your behalf. This involves submitting all the required documents to the company’s registry and responding to every query that might arise from the registration process. Note that you will not need to fly to Hong Kong to get the process of registration completed. Then, it will collect the certificate of incorporation and send it to you. 

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As you can see, working with an agency of experts makes the process of company incorporation pretty convenient. What is more impressive is that you are assisted in understanding and complying with all the legal requirements in Hong Kong, such as payroll management and company accounting. Remember that all of these are possible only when you work with the best agency.

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