How to hold meetings with employees? The etiquette

A meeting with employees need certain rules in order to run smoothly. These rules are the responsibility of the managers organizing such events. An adequate agenda and meeting etiquette are crucial to making use of the full potential of one-to-one meetings for both team members and their leaders.

Meeting with an employee — what should it involve?

A one-on-one meeting with employees can have different meanings depending on the current work situation of an individual and the company’s condition. Holding such meetings regularly will help you break tensions even if some of the discussions are expected to be difficult. The conversations should be held in a safe psychological environment encouraging your team member to trust you and share information.

At the same time, if everything goes well, you should take a moment to give your employee some well-deserved acknowledgement.

Remember, proper planning of a meeting with an employee creates opportunities for you to learn more about them and your team in general, while your team member will get a chance to optimize their work and get an insight into their career prospects. 

Meeting with a new employee — what needs to be communicated?

The very first meeting with an employee who has just started working in the company is essential for defining your expectations regarding their performance. Take your time and prepare in advance to discuss the deliverables. 

Furthermore, the first meeting is also the time for understating this person’s background, their immediate and long-term goals, interests, and aspirations. This can be a good starting point for the roadmap toward individual and shared success.

How to start a meeting with an employee?

An effective one-to-one meeting with an employee requires proper preparation on three levels. The first level is scheduling. Ideally, you should have regular hours to meet with a given person, although you should be prepared to be flexible, as some changes might come up in the process. Having the right amount of time, find the right place, keeping a sufficient level of privacy in mind. Otherwise, no one will feel free to open up during the discussion. At the same time, keep the location less official. Some managers prefer having meetings in restaurants. However, this might require more time and be distractive. Acoustic office booths can give you privacy and help you keep your focus on the conversation. Finally, you should work on a good agenda.

How to set the agenda of a meeting with an employee?

If there is anything crucial that requires your attention, you should put it on the list of topics. However, it is recommended to make a general overview of the employee’s wellbeing within and outside the work environment.

To get comprehensive feedback from your employee, you should touch on the topics concerning their work development, most important tasks and challenges while asking for comments on the company’s overall condition and vistas.

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