How to Get Old Documents of Land in Bihar (Kewala) Online

Thus, Get Old Land Documents by Online: Documents are all important, but sometimes it is also common for a document to be moved due to some mistake. In such a situation, people easily get duplicate documents lost, but it becomes very difficult to get lost documents of property or to get duplicates. But if you are resident of Bihar then it is very easy for you.

Land documents or kewala can be extracted from the state of Bihar state very easily. If you too have lost these documents or gone here and there and you want this document as soon as possible, then you can get them online at home, within a few minutes and for this you should know only a little information. If you also want to get your land documents or Kavala online, then follow the steps given by us for this.

How to get old documents of land (Kewala) online in Bihar | Download Old Property Documents Online Bihar

How to Get Old Documents of Land in Bihar (Kewala) Online
How to Get Old Documents of Land in Bihar (Kewala) Online

If you also want to get property documents or Kewala, then you do not need to go for this, for this you first go to its official website .

Keep in mind that there will be two stages of the process.

First stage

  • As soon as you go to the home page of its official website, you will see the option of “get REGISTERED DOCUMENTS”, you have to select this option.
  • After clicking on the link, a new page will open in front of you, in which you will see a form and just above the form you will see three choices: Online Registration (2016 To Till Date), Post Computerisation (2006 To 2015) and Pre Computerisation (Before 2005 ). Out of these, you choose the option in which year your property was registered.
  • After choosing your year’s option, you have to fill all the information sought in the form below carefully.
Registration OfficeIn this, you have to fill the registration office
Property LocationWhere is the property located
CircleWhat is the circle of the property
MaujaIn this, you have to fill the number
Serial NoIf you do not know the serial number, you can leave it blank.
Deed NoIf you do not even know the deed number, then leave it blank.
Party NameFill in the name of the person who has the property
Father/Husband NameIf he is a male, then his father’s name and if a woman has property in her name, then her husband’s name has to be filled.
  • After filling all the details, you have to click on the search button. As soon as you click, all the details will appear in front of you.

How to get Kewala of land online in Bihar | Bihar Property Document get, Download

Second stage

  • Now save these details or take out the accompanying print.
  • After the details are out, you have to go back to the home page of the website and click on get WEB COPY under the option of SERVICE given there.
  • After this, the details you saved will have a serial number, you will have to fill it here as well as other details asked, as soon as you fill all the details asked, a copy of your land will come in front of you. And print it out.

Official Link:

  • Visit the Land Information Portal

How many old documents can be get online in Bihar?

If you want, you can get old documents online whether it is after digitization (after 2005) or before (before 2005).

Do you have to pay any fee to get the land online in Bihar?

No! This is the free facility of the Government of Bihar. You have to fill in the information sought correctly so that the Puranic document of the land comes out online.

Can old documents also be downloaded?

Yes | If you want, you can download the pdf file.

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