How to get Cheapest Home Lone in Union Bank

How to get Cheapest Home Lone in Union Bank : In view of the festive season, many banks are currently providing home loans at a cheaper interest rate. After big banks like PNB, SBI and HDFC, now Union Bank has also reduced home loan rates. This is a golden opportunity for those who buy property. They will get a loan to buy a house cheaply. This information has been given by a press release from the bank.

  • Home loan offer: Customers will be able to avail discount from November to December
  • Apart from home loan, no processing fee will be charged on other loans.

Union Bank of India has set different interest rates for different categories of home loans. The interest rate on home loans above Rs 30 lakh has been reduced by 0.10 percent. Women applicants are being given an additional discount of 0.05 percent in the interest rate. In such a situation, women will get home loan 0.15 percent cheaper.

Zero Processing Fees

How to get Cheapest Home Lone in Union Bank
How to get Cheapest Home Lone in Union Bank

Apart from reducing home loan interest rates, the bank has also reduced the processing charge. The rebate is applicable from November 1, 2020, which will remain till December 31. The bank has also offered a rebate of up to Rs 10,000 in case of home loan takeover. Apart from this, if you are planning to buy a car or take an education loan, then Union Bank is giving you a discount in this too. There will be no processing fees for this.

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