How to Get Bihar Jameen Lagaan Receipt Online

How to Get Bihar Jameen Lagaan Receipt Online: Bihar’s Nitish government has launched an online portal – Bhulagan Bihar Portal to facilitate the people of its state. On this portal people of Bihar state can extract their land map, land receipt, Khasra-Khatauni copy, Lagaan dues etc. online. With the help of this portal, the people of Bihar can now fill the rent of land sitting online and can get the receipt.

Bhulagan Bihar | Online rent payment and receipt
Earlier in Bihar, people had to visit the tehsil office and panchayat office frequently to get information related to land and sometimes they had to pay bribe to get information about the land. Nitish government has started this portal to solve the corruption happening in office. With the help of this portal, the people of Bihar will now be able to easily get all the information related to their land.

Today we will provide you complete information about this portal!

Features of Bhulagan Bihar Portal:
With the help of this portal you do not have to bribe the employees of Panchayat Office or Tehsil Office to get information related to your land.
With the help of this portal, the Government of Bihar is digitizing state offices. The people of Bihar are directly benefiting from this.
With the help of this portal, the people of Bihar will not have to visit the offices repeatedly to pay their dues.
With the help of these revolutionary steps taken by the Bihar government, the digitization happening in Bihar will generate employment.

Documents required for extracting Bihar Jameen Rasid online:
Your plot numbers.

Your bank account number.

Page number in your taluk.

Name of ryot
(With the help of one of these four options, you can extract the receipt of land online)

Your mobile number.
Your address
ATM for online payment.
Bihar land rent online payment and receipt. Bihar Lagan Rasid Online
You have to visit the official portal of the Department of Revenue and Land Reforms,, issued by the Government of Bihar.
bhu lagan bihar

How to Get Bihar Jameen Lagaan Receipt Online (1)
How to Get Bihar Jameen Lagaan Receipt Online (1)

After visiting this portal, you will see a lot of options, but you have to click on the link written “online Lagan” in the pink color box. (Go directly to online Lagaan portal from here >>
After that, another web page will open in front of you, in which you will get the option to pay the outstanding rent, information about the rent etc. But you have to click on the option to “Pay online” written in red color to get the receipt of the land.

After clicking on it, another web page will open in front of you, in which you will have to fill information related to your land. In this web page you have to fill your district name, your panchayat name (mild name), your plot number, mouza name and click on submit button.

After submitting, the person named after your plot will appear. After that, clicking on the name will bring you the complete details of the plot. In this, you check whether you own or have details of other plots.
You can also remove the details of your plot through other means. For example, you can see the details of the plot through your account number or your village name or page number etc.
After getting the information of your plot, you will have to click on the outstanding amount, after clicking on it, you will be told how much amount you are owed.
After that you have to click on online payment. After clicking on the payment online, you will have some other information available. When you scroll down to the bottom, you will see a box, which will have to fill the name of the remitter name, mobile number and address. After filling the information, click on “Make Payment”.

After this, you will get a payment option, in which you have to choose your payment mode. After choosing your bank, you have to pay by entering your ATM number and OTP on mobile.
After payment, payment will appear written successfully on your screen. After which you can download your receipt by clicking “Lagaan Receipt” written below. After that you can also print out this receipt.
Bihar Jameen Raseed (Payment Slip) fees for withdrawing online
On this portal, payment is mandatory for you to withdraw the revenue receipt. On this portal, you only have to pay 25 to 30 rupees, while in other offices from 100 to 200 rupees are charged to get the receipt from you. It also takes more time. You can get your land receipt in just 5 to 10 minutes on the portal for just Rs 25-30.

Related questions:

When did online rent payment start in Bihar?
This facility has started from April 1, 2020.

What is the name of the portal for revenue payment and land receipt?
The name of the respective portal is “Bhoomi Lagan” Bihar.

Where can I get more information related to online revenue receipt or dues?
You can call helpline number 1800-345-6215 of Revenue and Land Reforms Department to get more information about online revenue receipt or outstanding rent.

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