How to Download WhatsApp Deleted Photos

How to download whatsApp deleted photos:WhatsApp messaging platform has become an easy medium to send photos, videos and document files from one place to another. If you use WhatsApp in a similar way, then maybe some of your important photos or videos have been deleted from WhatsApp. So now you don’t need to worry. Because we are going to tell you such tricks. With which you can recover deleted photos and videos in a pinch. But if your data has been deleted more than 30 days, then you cannot download photos and videos.

Link Your WhatsApp Account From Gmail

Llink Gmail to WhatsApp account-Android users get the simplest solution from Gmail to keep their photos, videos and other attachments secure on WhatsApp. All Android phones by default are linked to a Gmail account. WhatsApp data can be kept safe with the help of a linked Gmail account. Users can backup the data on Google Drive by going to the settings of the app and it can be later restored on any other device.

How to Download WhatsApp Deleted Photos

The same files that are not deleted by the user can be downloaded again from WhatsApp. If the entire conversion has been deleted, then the content cannot be viewed again. If this is not the case, then open the WhatsApp app and chats. After that scroll to the file you want to download and tap on this blur visible file and it will be downloaded again. However, this cannot be done 30 days after the file is received.

What to Do If You See error Message?

Let’s know about seeing the error message: After doing this many times, WhatsApp shows the error message and comes on the screen by writing, ‘can’t download, please ask that it be resent to you?’ In this case, first check whether your phone has an active internet connection or not. Apart from this, it is important that your phone’s data and time are correct, because if the date is wrong, you will not be able to connect to the WhatsApp server. Apart from this, WhatsApp shows error messages even when the storage space on your device is not free.

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