A wooden bat, stumps, and a ball are all that you need to get to play cricket. When you look at that list, there is something particularly striking: it’s all pretty simple stuff. The truth is that you don’t even need every item. With a little bit of creativity and you can improvise and play this sport practically anywhere. However, SRL is a little different.

Simulated reality league cricket is the sport that fans are betting on right now. This is something that has really taken off in recent years and, as the experience continues to improve, the more fans it draws in. You may be wondering what SRL is. You’re probably also wondering how it all works. Well, that’s where the technology comes in and that’s what we’re going got explore now.

What is SRL?

You’re no doubt aware of eSports, and you’ve possibly heard of virtual games. Both of these are heavily reliant upon technology, but they also require a human side as people play against other people. What SRL brings is a game that is played out by a computer. You get to see a cricket match being played out, and this is where the ’S’ in SRL comes in, it’s all simulated.

When it comes to SRL cricket the only human involvement comes from the fans, and there are plenty of those. Betting on SRL has gained hugely in popularity of late and that’s because of the experience it offers. This experience is only possible thanks to the technology behind it.

The tech behind SRL

First off, just like any other computer-based game, there are graphics and sounds to consider. These have developed massively in recent times and it’s now possible to create something that is extremely life-like. However, while the look and feel of SRL matters, what’s really important are what drives the game itself.

The outcomes in SRL are all down to artificial intelligence (AI). A computer is fed reams and reams of data about hundreds of previous cricket matches. It analyses the results between teams and also considers the performance of individual players. It is this data that is then used for the games that people watch and bet on. Yes, there is still an element of chance when it comes to placing a bet, but you can be sure that the outcomes of any game just make sense. They reflect real-world outcomes.

What does the future hold?

Technology develops at such an amazing rate that it’s not always easy to predict where it will be in the future. The one thing that is for sure is that it will continue to bring changes, for the better, to SRL, and make it an even greater experience.
There’s a great chance that, as AI develops, it will be capable of processing even more data than it can right now. There’s also the chance that SRL could enter the metaverse. Rather than watching the action unfold on a screen, there is the potential to be there ‘in person and benefit from the atmosphere of a ‘live match’.

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