Haryana Pashu Credit Card Loan Scheme

Pashu Credit Card Yojana: cattle rearers of Haryana will be given a free loan up to 1 lakh 60 thousand. According to Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Minister JP Dalal, a loan will be provided based on the number of animals. Loans up to three lakhs can be given under the scheme . However only loans up to 1 lakh 60 thousand will be provided without any interest rate . Lower interest rates will be contained for amounts above this.

Key points of animal credit card loan scheme

  • Basically, there is a 7 percent interest rate implicit on a loan. But out of this 3 percent subsidy is being provided by the Government of India. The remaining 4 percent will also be exempted if the loan amount is returned within time.
  • After taking the loan, the loan amount will have to be repaid within 1 year time. If you are successful in doing this then loans taken up to 1 lakh 60 thousand will be given without any interest rate.
  • The rate of interest will increase if the loan is proven unable to pay back. Apart from this, low interest rates have been fixed for amounts above 1 lakh 60 thousand.

Haryana Animal Credit Card Scheme 

On what basis will the amount of loan available under the scheme be decided?

According to Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Minister JP Dalal, loan will be provided on the basis of number of animals. An amount has been fixed for each animal. Under Haryana Pashu Credit Card Yojana , Rs 60249 for a buffalo, Rs 40783 for a cow, Rs 16337 for a pig, Rs 4063 for each lamb, Rs 720 for an egg-laying hen and a chicken broiler. A loan of Rs 161 will be given for

In addition, farmers can be given a loan of up to Rs 76300‌ per murra buffalo, Rs 71325 per foreign cow and Rs 70825 per indigenous cow.

The scheme aims to promote animal husbandry and financial assistance to livestock farmers. Under the scheme, it is targeted to benefit about 8 lakh farmers of Haryana through this scheme . For this, about 1 lakh 40 thousand farmers have been applied so far . After completion of all the formalities of the scheme, the farmers will be given a credit card under the scheme. Through this credit card, they can take loans and buy anything for agriculture or any other requirement.

The loan amount will reach your credit card in 6 installments . It is mandatory to return the entire loan amount till one year after the first installment of the loan amount. Only then you will be the beneficiary of free loan otherwise you will have to pay interest rate.

Who will be the beneficiaries of Haryana Pashu Credit Card Yojana?

Any farmer who rears cattle can avail the benefit of this scheme provided all the following things apply to it:

→ Applicant should be permanently resident of Haryana.

→ Applicants should be cattle rearers Cows and buffaloes are mandatory in animals.

→ Applicant should have Aadhaar card, PAN card and Voter ID card.

→ Applicant must have a valid mobile number.

Pashu Credit Card Yojana Haryana | Online application, how to register 

Haryana Pashu Credit Card Loan Scheme

Haryana Pashu Credit Card Scheme Online Avedan (Apply) is not available. An application for the scheme can be made by choosing any one of the following methods.

  1. Through dairy milk plant
  • Under the scheme, 24 dairy milk plants have been selected in Haryana.
  • Pashu Credit Card Yojana Haryana Registration Form will be filled with farmers at the collection point of these dairy milk plants by animal husbandry officers and data operators .
  • Information and picture of each animal will be marked.
  • After filling the application form by the farmers, the people of the department will complete the further formalities with the bank, after which the next day, the beneficiary will be given a credit card at the collection point of the same milk plant after which he avails the card benefits under the scheme. Can.
  1. Through bank
  • Apart from this, Pashu Credit Card Yojana Haryana Registration Form can also be filled by farmers by going directly to the bank.
  • For this, the application form has to be filled and submitted to the bank itself.
  • Submit the required documents like Aadhar card, PAN card, Voter ID card and your passport size photo along with the application form.
  • After this, the credit card will be delivered to you within a month after checking all the documents and completing other formalities.

The main objective of Haryana Animal Credit Card Loan Scheme

The objective of this scheme is not only to provide financial assistance of up to 1 lakh 60 thousand to the farmers without interest rate and up to Rs 3 lakh above at a low interest rate but also to promote animal husbandry.

How is the Animal Farmer Credit Card beneficial for farmers?

Farmers who are not financially strong nor have their own land will be provided unsecured and without interest rate loans based on the number of animals they raise. Thus, this scheme proves very beneficial for the financial support of the farmers.

Will the loan up to three lakhs be given without guarantee and without any interest rate?

It is absolutely true that loans up to three lakhs will be given without any guarantee. But only loan up to one lakh sixty thousand will be interest free, loan taken on it will be appointed at low interest rates.

How many animals must I have for availing the scheme?

The number of animals to benefit the scheme has not been decided. You will be given a fixed loan per animal, according to the number of animals you reared. However it is mandatory to have cows and buffaloes in your reared animals to avail the scheme.

What can be done with the loan received?

The loan amount can be used for agricultural work and for the health of animals, such as bringing khal, cottonseed, fodder etc. for milch animals. The loan amount will make it easier for the farmers to take care of their animals.

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