You likely know by this point that social media can play a major role in boosting your sales goals, and this has only increased as social media platforms are now fixtures in customers’ lives today. Therefore, the easier you make the process for them, the more they will seek out your store when they are online shopping, and the more your brand grows.

Not only are consumers changing their shopping preferences to social media, but developers of these platforms are actively making the process seamless for both brands and consumers by adding and improving social commerce features. To boost your online sales and generate revenue from your social media accounts, these strategies we will talk about will help you achieve this goal.

Sell your services or products directly on social media

The advantage with social media platforms today is the booming social commerce aspect since the pandemic set in and accelerated the digital transformation process. As these platforms invest more into the improvement and creation of commerce solutions, plenty of businesses and brands are following closely – for instance, a 2021 research study revealed that 86% of business executives state it is an integral part of their revenue generation plan. For the consumer, they will be more likely to make in-the-moment purchases if they find the purchase process has fewer steps and is more seamless. This also benefits businesses because you will have more chances of curating specific collections aligning with any major campaigns you are a part of.

Know and use your highest conversion social content

In most cases, social and data best practices will always tell you that visual content is more marketable compared to text-based posts. However, your specific audience may be different in their preferences. The only way you can know what your audience likes is to see the data – this will tell you what does and does not work.

The most helpful data in your analysis should assist you to know how you can improve your promotions, increase sales, and analyze content that includes your services and product information, and website links. These links should also have UTM parameters that track the behavior of your website visitors or anyone else who clicks affiliate links to your website or shop.

Some of these metrics to look out for include :

  • Organic – these include click-through rates, engagement rates, referrals from social traffic, and website page actions. You can boost these numbers from the platform in several ways, such as trying out platforms that give you TikTok views with instant delivery.
  • Paid – RoAS (returns on ad spend), conversion rates, and cost per conversion

Nurture more buyers by using conversational commerce

Social media has numerous benefits for a brand, but among the key ones is its ability to give both businesses and consumers a more accessible and convenient way to communicate with each other through the process of conversational commerce.

This feature combines shopping and messaging, such as customers buying from you through voice assistant or chat functions. This also allows marketers to strengthen relationships with customers, as they give the consumer more personalized recommendations such as digital personal shopping, as well as responding promptly to customer queries.

Know which topics your consumers resonate with through using social listening

It always pays when you take the time to know who your audience is, as 43% of customers will tend to choose brands that actively get to know them over competitors, according to a recent study. Social listening is the easiest way to do this because it lets you check out the latest public conversations and understand the industry your business is in.

Social listening also helps when you need to generate more sales opportunities and leads for your brand before doing anything like a marketing campaign.

Post content at the right times for the audience

The more optimally timed your content is, the more conversions, engagement, and impressions it generates. You do not need to follow the set standards of posting timing though, as your audiences are unique and will likely have their preferred timing – so ensure you analyze your audience and find the best times to post and build a schedule around that.

Combining the tips above will make a major difference in your results, instead of doing each on its own. Taking the time to implement them gradually will also help you know the mistakes you may be making and correct them, as well as optimize the good strategies you are already using.

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