Cropping a GIF is very easy using Flixier

Despite being fully animated, GIFs are technically images, not videos. That means that in order to crop them, you would have to use advanced image editing programs that were expensive, took a long time to install and an even longer time to learn properly. Luckily for you, though, things have changed.

Nowadays, you can crop GIFs easily using free online tools like Flixier. You don’t even need to download or install anything to your computer in order to do so. Flixier runs in your browser, so you can crop a GIF online and then save it to your computer and share it online in a matter of seconds.

In this article, we’re going to show you how easy it is to crop animated GIFs with Flixier:

Step 1: Upload your GIF

To begin, go to and click on the big blue Get Started button to open the editor up in your web browser. You’ll be asked to upload your media. Drag your GIF over from this computer to upload it to your Flixier library.

If the GIF that you want to crop is on GIPHY, you can skip this step. Instead, you can close the Import Media pop-up and then open the Stock tab on the left side of the screen and search for your GIF there.

Step 2: Cropping your GIF

When you have your GIF, double click on it in the Flixier library (or in the Stock tab) to add it to the timeline at the bottom of the screen. Now, there are two different ways in which you can crop a GIF with Flixier:

Crop and resize your GIF

This first method will allow you to crop your GIF and permanently modify its resolution. To do this, you need to click on the blank space next to the canvas. This will bring up the Resolution settings. You can use the dropdown list to choose from a number of presets, but these are designed for videos, so they might be a bit too large for GIFs.

You should type in your own resolution and then hit Enter. You’ll notice that the video canvas has changed in size. Now you can select your GIF and use the handles on the edges of it to resize it and crop it however you like.

Using the crop option to crop the GIF but keep the background

You may want to combine multiple GIFs, videos or images together in a collage and crop the GIF image without resizing the whole canvas. In that case, select the GIF that you want to crop and open the Crop settings in the right hand menu. Use the sliders to crop the GIF however you want. You’ll notice that any images you might have in the background will be unaffected.

You can also use the Crop Shape toggle to crop your GIF into a circle.

Step 3: Save the GIF to your computer

When you’re done cropping your GIF, all you have to do is press the Export button in the top right corner in order to save it to your computer. In the Export menu, make sure to select GIF as your format, although you can also choose to save your GIF as an MP4 video in order to save some space (since MP4 videos are more efficient and tend to be a lot smaller than GIFs).

We hope you found this tutorial helpful. Now, what are you waiting for? Head over to Flixier and start cropping your animated GIFs online. The tool is free and you don’t even need to create an account in order to try it out!

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