NBA season
NBA season

The Cleveland Cavaliers are considered one of the most promising teams in the National Basketball Association at the moment, which is reflected in bookmaker quotes –Β Of course, the team does not look like the main contender for the title, but it is confidently included in the list of potential “dark horses”, whose success will be fully deserved. The Cavs are a team with high hopes and a tumultuous off-season. The Cleveland Clevelands have managed to make several important reinforcements to the first team, and the fans believe in the final success more than ever.

Cleveland Cavaliers Success in 2021-2022 Season and Offseason

The Cavs ended a great season last season in which they made it to the Playoffs but were forced out of the play-in race. Much of this was due to injuries holding the team back. The Cavs were one of the leaders in the East for some time, but injuries crossed out their chances of winning the Conference. The team finished 44-38, the Cavaliers’ first winning record without LeBron James since 1998. Franchise executives built this team slowly over several seasons, drafting Darius Garlan in 2019, Jarrett Allen in 2020, and Evan Mobley in 2021.

Despite the fact that once he was already on the team, the team again acquired Ricky Rubio, which caused genuine joy among the fans. However, now the point guard is recovering from a knee injury received last season. Recall that Rubio was traded to the Pacers for Caris LeVert, but he was included in the number of free agents, and the Cavs bought him back. This is definitely a winning move, as Rubio was a key figure for this team. However, the Cavs did not stop and received Donovan Mitchell in the offseason, who acted as the main asset in the free-agent market.

The signing of Donovan Mitchell is the missing piece in the club’s coherent mechanism
The Cavaliers made a big splash at the end of the offseason by signing quarterback Donovan Mitchell from the Utah Jazz. Acquiring a star like Mitchell without giving up his core in return means Cleveland has one of the strongest starting lineups in the league with Mitchell, Garlan, Allen, and Mobley. This line-up could become a real threat in the East for years to come.

The club received an All-Star-level defenseman, the second major of the off-season. With this great addition, the Cavaliers look set to make their mark in the Eastern Conference after losing to the Hawks in the decider last season. Donovan Mitchell immediately from the start of the new season began to demonstrate why he is considered one of the best players in the League, and the Cleveland Cavaliers are showing a decent game that can go much further than before the first round of the Playoffs.

Cleveland Cavaliers outlook for the 2022-2023 season

Some will argue that Cleveland is already at least a Conference Finals contender now, citing minimal playoff experience and fierce competition in the East. The last time the Cavaliers made the playoffs was in 2018 when LeBron James took them to the Finals, where they suffered a massive loss to the Warriors. If not for the injuries of such key players as Allen, Mobley, and Rubio, they could have entered the top six in the last season. The addition of Mitchell is very promising and increases the team’s potential. At the same time, there are a huge number of strong teams in the East, such as Miami, Milwaukee, Boston, and Philadelphia. All of them can reach the final and have done so in the past. Therefore, on the way to the championship title, the Cavs in any case will have to fight with the best teams in the NBA.

The inside defense along with Jarrett Allen and Evan Mobley make the team’s defense one of the best in the NBA. The combination of two “towers” may even become the best in the League in terms of defensive indicators. The Cavaliers have a lot of talent that can create their chances. Darius Garland can play in three positions at once, while Donovan Mitchell is incredibly dangerous both in the paint and behind the arc.

There is not a single player in the current Cavs roster who is on the decline in his career. It is for this reason that bookmakers include Cleveland in the list of TOP-10 contenders for winning the championship title this season.

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