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CalCentral is an online portal that is used by UC Berkeley students to enroll in classes, pay bills, and claim financial aid. It brings together student data into a personalized, mobile-friendly dashboard and digital assistant, drawing from dozens of campus sources.

Students, instructors, and staff can check their b Courses, campus email, UCB academic calendar, Course Capture, and more from directly within Cal Student Central.

How To Log Into CalCentral

If you want to know how to login into CalCentral student portal online then follow the given process so that you can easily understand it.

Important information before login into CalCentral Student Portal Login Online

>CalCentral CalNet ID and your passphrase.

>Your caps lock is off

To log into calcentral Berkeley portal, kindly follow the following steps:

Step 1: First of all visit the official website of the

Step 2: After that you click on Sign In.

UC Berkeley Login

Step 3: On the CalNet Authentication Service page, enter your CalNet ID.

Step 4: Enter your passphrase (It is Case sensitive).

Step 5: After filling all details finally, hit the “SIGN IN” button to log into your Cal dashboard.

Can’t Log In?

If you get “invalid credentials” when you try to log in, then make sure you’re using the correct login credentials:

  • Your CalNet ID is your user name and not your email address
  • Passphrases are case sensitive – make sure Caps Lock is off!
  • To reset your passphrase, visit Forgot My CalNet ID / Passphrase.

How to Reset Your Password

If you have forgotten your CalNet ID or passphrase, you may request a reset. For this you have to just follow the simple steps:

Step 1:In the box provided you just enter your Student Number, Employee Number, Affiliate Number, or Recovery (non-Berkeley),Email Address.

Step 2: Then click on “Request Reset”.

NOTE: If the system has your recovery email on file, you will receive an email with instructions on how to proceed.

How to Claim Your CalNet ID

NOTE:-While dealing with this section you must to know that it is that platform which supports to ‘ Students, Faculty and Staff, Affiliates, Visiting Scholars and for many more. So as per your requirement/need you must check the details as you try to enter.

Welcome to UC Berkeley!

Calnet ID = username

Logging in with your calnet ID and passphrase allows you to access campus applications and services. If you already have a calnet ID but cannot log in, reset your passphrase using the self-service passphrase reset tool. (Link is external)

For Students:

All Students can create a unique calnet ID Upon Invitation From The Registrar. 

  • New Undergraduate admits will be provided with a link in calcentral as part of their admissions process. See is external)for more information.
  • New Graduate, Summer Sessions, and Concurrent Enrollment students can click
  • CCES Students can click here to create calnet ID(link is external)
  • Extension students (with the exception of Fall Program for Freshman undergraduates) are not eligible for calnet ids

How to Next, Enroll in 2-Step:

All users are required to enroll in CalNet 2-Step after creating a new CalNet ID, or activating an existing CalNet ID.

  • What is CalNet 2-Step?

Calnet 2-Step Verification helps you ensure that you are the only person who can access your calnet account, even if someone steals your password.  You will log in using your calnet credentials and as a second step, reconfirm your identity using a verification device.

All employees, affiliates, and students are required to use 2-Step verification at UC Berkeley, including faculty, staff, visiting scholars, post-docs, volunteers, undergraduates and graduate students. Alumni in grace and alums who have an SIS-Extended affiliation are also required to 2-Step. Only calnet Guests and alumni outside of their grace period are exempt from the requirement.

  • How do I enroll a device?

Your 2-Step Verification Device is the device you will use for second step authentication every time you log in to a CalNet service.

You can set up multiple verification devices. In fact, we recommend that you enroll at least two verification devices so that you can still log in if you lose one. Choose a device that you have available every time you log in to CalNet, such as your smartphone. 

  • Where can I get help with 2-Step?

As we know that Support for 2-Step is provided by IT Client Services(link is external). You can open a 2-Step ticket by emailing: [email protected]

Cal Student Central

Open a Cal Student Central Important Case For:

  • Change of name and/or address
  • Missing exams or transfer courses and/or errors in Transfer Credit Reports. (Note that all information should be posted by the end of the starting term.)
  • Pre-evaluation of courses for transfer credit from a non-California Community College
  • Evaluation of transfer courses for purposes of completing American History and American Institutions with transfer course
  • Enrollment and registration issues/errors (college and major advisors may also be able to help)
  • GPA errors
  • Grade not submitted by an instructor
  • Lapsing an Incomplete grade
  • Freeze petition status
  • Degree not displaying in CalCentral
  • Diploma delivery status
  • Requesting a letter to explain why a diploma is not yet available
  • Questions about billing or payment
  • Deferred Payment Plan
  • Emergency loans
  • Financial aid, scholarships, or grant options
  • Any holds like the F04 hold placed by Financial Aid
  • Refunds for residents, if classified as a resident after tuition was paid
  • Questions about the CalCentral Schedule of Classes or Schedule Planner

How To View Grades In Calcentral:

After the semester: Final grades will appear on the Semesters card in CalCentral. Students’ grades are displayed when they are posted by the instructor. However, please be patient: in some cases, grades may take up to one day to appear after posting

At this point there is no automated notification system; if a student wants to know if their grades have been posted, that student needs to look in CalCentral.

Calcentral Customer Service

Office Address: 120 Sproul Hall
University of California
Berkeley, CA  94720-5404.

Email: [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

How do I view my account balance?

You can view your account balance through your CalCentral account. Log in to your account. Select the “My Finances” tab at the top of the page. There, you can see your fees due now, charges not yet due, and get your overall account balance. To view more account information, click on the link on the Billing Summary section that says “View Transactions”.

How do I receive financial aid?

Find verification of your financial aid award in CalCentral. Access forms via the Financial Aid Forms page.

How do I enroll?

Use CalCentral to review your academic record and to enroll in classes. Request verification of your enrollment online via your dashboard, “My Academics”, under Academic Records.


Berkeley Engineering is a national leader in engineering education, with students and researchers from around the world drawn to our department by its outstanding reputation, internationally recognized faculty, and tradition of impact in research and teaching.

How do you view active holds on calcentral?

You can view the hold details and instructions on your calcentral My Academics by clicking on the hold listed under the Status and Holds section. The type of registration hold (financial, academic, or administrative) will determine what action needs to be taken to resolve it.

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