Business ideas in India 2023

Business Ideas in India 2021
Business Ideas in India 2021

Do you want to start your own business? Start it now. Do not think too much about how you start a business (Kaise Business Shuru kare) and what kind of business to start. Every business has its advantages and disadvantages. Business success also depends on your passion, dedication and patience. Your talent also matters a lot in achieving the goal. Today let’s discuss about some such successful small business ideas, which need less money and more dedication to start and which have so far proved to be beneficial for the people.

Most Successful Small Business Ideas in India 2023

21 Best Business Ideas in India 2023

1. Breakfast Joint

Catering, one of the three basic necessities of life, is a better option for business. Therefore, breakfast joint is a good business to start a small scale business.

As long as good food is served in this business, you will never run out of customers, of course, for a start-up business, you have many food options or a large menu-list. does not need to be. One can start with just a few choices of food, such as a traditional breakfast with snacks.

2. Juice Point / Shakes Counter 

As people are becoming more health conscious, fresh juices are emerging as a popular healthy cold drink as an alternative to soft drinks .This is the reason why businesses like Juice Point have made a place in India as a successful small business.

3. Tailoring/ Embroidery 

This is another major business which deals with the basic necessities of life as clothes are the need of everyone. Tailoring and Embroidery business as a start-up business has been running for decades. This business is usually opened in the home, and these people receive and fulfill orders on behalf of the boutique. Since this is a tried-and-tested business, there is not much risk in doing it on a large scale. Especially in big cities, where there is a lot of demand for tailoring.

4. Online Business

Connecting to the Internet has become a necessity these days, so most businesses are also online. It has been proven that small businesses with an online presence are better than those that do not have an online presence. So now such small businesses are also starting which are giving their services to these online businesses. This is the reason why the demand for Social Media Specialist, Bloggers, Website Designer and Developer is high these days. Such businesses only need a basic computer system, software and high speed internet. Businesses like Ghost Writing, Freelancing, and Online Translation Services can be successfully run online.

5. Blogging

If you want to do small business based on internet to earn money sitting at home, then you can do business through Blogging, V-logging (Video Blogging). The interesting thing here is, it doesn’t matter on what topic you write or about whom you make videos. There are even a lot of bigwigs who find it a good way to expand their reach, including stand-up comedians. The purpose is to increase the audience of the blog or the number of readers of the blog through interesting content. In the case of some vlog platforms, the payment is based on the number of viewers. Whereas in the case of most of the blogs, ads are received through Google Adsense.

6. Cookery Classes

If you are a skilled professional cook but don’t want to start a restaurant or food truck business, there is an option – Cookery Class. This small business is gaining momentum among the urban households in India. These classes can be given both in person and online or a blog can be created. In which you teach others to cook.

7. Daycare Services

The facility of carrying children to the office is not yet provided for working mothers in India and hence women have to face difficulties in getting a job after marriage. Therefore the demand for day-care service is increasing. In this, you will need staff who mix easily with children and you will have to create an environment that is child friendly and safe so that parents can leave their children there for the day without any worries.

8.Dance Center

If you are a good dancer or choreographer (Choreographer) , so you can easily take place on rent to start a dance center (Dance Centre). The investment you will make will be only for promotion and promotion of your dance center. Even if you don’t dance well , you can still run a dance academy by hiring dance teachers.


Sometimes your hobby can help you earn money , you just need to invest some extra time on your hobby to make it a profession and pursue it as a business. Photography is one of those hobbies that can be turned into a profession. The only investment will have a better camera , which will be photography . Everything else is your accuracy and talent to take pictures which will make you a good photographer.

10.Yoga Instructor

The knowledge of yoga and the habit of practicing all the ‘ yoga asanas ‘ are the qualities of a good yoga instructor. Yoga is considered superior to all stress buster techniques and its results have been proven worldwide. Yoga instructors are in great demand not only in India but also abroad. Zero investment is required to start this business.

11. Wedding Bureau 

Even though marriages are arranged in heaven, they are arranged here. In addition to wedding online portals , Wedding Bureau in small cities and towns (Wedding Bureau) are more prevalent. Families consider meeting other families in person before coming to any decision. Hence , with small office space , 1-2 staff members , registration certificate and your contacts can make you a successful businessman.

12.Travel Agency

Some certificates will have to be taken for the travel agency and you will need an attractive office. When people go for a walk, one of their objectives is that they do not get caught in any complicated work and can stay relaxed, so people like to take the services of travel agency for travel to hotel booking. . A successful travel agent is one who can get others to travel with ease and convenience. You must have information about the places around the world that people want to visit . It is currently one of the most successful small businesses. 


 Opening a salon is the most trending business option in metro cities. Young people are more interested in looking presentable. Therefore , almost every salon has a good number of customers depending on the location. Salon owners make huge profits during the festive or wedding season.

14.Real Estate Agent

If you are a good seller and can persuade people to invest or buy a house , then this business is for you. Buying or renting an office is the only investment in this , apart from this, you should have a good knowledge of many types of properties and documentation process, only then you can become a good real estate agent. Good public relations will help you become a successful real estate agent.

15. Placement Service

HR i.e. Human Resource is of great importance in any company or organization and good placement helps a lot in the growth of a company. So tying up with reputed leaders and keeping good employees with you can make it a good low cost small business.

16.Icre cream parlor

Despite being a seasonal business , still the ice cream parlor is one of the hit business in terms of small businesses. The investment required to do this business is to buy franchise of any specific ice cream brand and hire a shop to open a parlor. 

17.Handcraft Seller

The Government of India has started promoting the sale of handcraft products in many states. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is also often seen talking about Vocal for Local. People are also liking this type of handcraft products such as various metal utensils , paintings , shawls , carpets , wooden utensils , pottery , embroidered items , and bronze and marble sculptures etc. With some of these products also you can start a handcraft small business. 

18. Coaching Classes

Education is the area of ​​diversity and also a good business idea with low cost. In this era of competition, children do not want to depend only on school education and they join coaching classes for good marks. Rather, after the coronavirus pandemic, people’s inclination towards online coaching has increased more. Therefore this business is one of the most successful small business at present.


Almost every sector needs consultants to assist in its development. People with good knowledge of IT , Finance , Marketing , HR , Accounts , Law , Healthcare , Social Media etc can open their own consultancy company and link with big corporates to earn good money.


It is one of the traditional small scale businesses in the country. Women who likes clothes sewing and are updated with the latest fashion trends , they can run anywhere boutique stores. Boutique stores can be run from home and require only the necessary investment.


Catering business operations require labor , purchase of raw materials , and owning tents , tables , chairs, and utensils. The rest depends on your contacts , marketing techniques and the quality of the food prepared and served.

Business Ideas in India 2021

Small Business in India

Coaching Classes: Business related to education can be started with low cost. In this you can earn money easily , it is not a full time business , you can start it as part time also and earn good money.

Wedding Planner: It’s a never ending business. People who are creative and full of passion can make this business successful.

Placement Service: Human resource is an integral and important work area of any organization or company and good recruitment keeps the company moving forward. So to find good employees to reputed organization , makes it a low cost placement business.

Real Estate Agent: This is a small scale business idea of ​​an unorganized sector which you can start with good contacts and public relations. Low investment and high returns are expected in this small scale business.

Professional Photography: All you need is a good DSLR camera and contacts with popular organizations to start this business . It does not require any office. Only your talent and passion is enough to earn money in this.

Thus the success of the business idea , market conditions , the skills and the owners depend on several factors. The above list is short and each and every business has risks involved , but each one of these businesses has the potential to emerge as a successful business of the future.

Low Cost Business ideas in India 2023

Following are some low cost business ideas for start-up companies and first time business owners.

  • One of the most popular ideas among low cost business ideas for start-ups is food related business which is already growing, especially in metro cities.
  • According to studies and research, there are many food start-ups running with the help and support of food delivery firms such as Swiggy, Zomato. Lets use marketing strategy with the help of digital market 
  • Government and loan institutions provide all the necessary financial support for start-ups with easy repayment options
  • One of the lucrative ideas of low cost business ideas for start-ups is fashion accessories and clothing business which has high potential to generate more income due to greater reach.
  • This idea is ideal choice especially for young ladies fashion designers who have the necessary knowledge and experience in the field of fashion
  • If the business of designing starts getting a fair amount of responses, then with the partnership of e-commerce giants, such as Amazon, Alibaba, E-bay, Walmart, Flipkart, etc., your business can also be expanded in the global markets.
  • One of the low cost ideas for start-ups is an idea agriculture start-up that exclusively deals in organic fruits and vegetables.
  • Market studies prove that after the advent of grocery delivery companies, such as Big Basket and Grofers, agriculture has become a lucrative business to earn good income.

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