Bitcoin is The World’s Most Expensive Currency. One Bitcoin costs Rs. 10.36 lakhs.

Bitcoin is The World’s Most Expensive Currency. One Bitcoin costs Rs. 10.36 lakhs: The Supreme Court in India has removed the ban from crypto currency. After this, cryptocurrency like Bitcoin has started to be transacted all over the country. Meanwhile, in the international market, the price of a bitcoin has reached beyond 14000 dollars (about 10.36 lakh rupees). Experts say that this currency has increased by more than 50 percent in the last six months. At the same time, he believes that the boom phase will continue for the next six months. Let us tell you that the ban on cryptocurrency by RBI in 2018 was lifted by the Supreme Court in March 2020.

Now you can easily buy any cryptocurrency from homeThe Indian Bank United Multistate Credit Co. Operative Society has now planned to expand its banking services with cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency products. Indian Bank United will provide online cryptocurrency banking service to its customers in India.

What do experts say  According to CNBC’s report, Bitcoin may touch new heights in the coming days. Let me tell you that once Bitcoin has reached beyond 20 thousand dollars. But after this there was a sharp decline. In such a situation, one should be careful while investing in it. What is cryptocurrency?

Now you can easily buy any cryptocurrency from home
Now you can easily buy any cryptocurrency from home

Let us tell you that cryptocurrency is a digital currency, which is based on blockchain technology. The encryption technique is used in this currency. Through this technique, the transaction of currency is completely audited, due to which it is very difficult to hack. This is the reason that the possibility of fraud in cryptocurrency is very less. The operation of cryptocurrency is independent of the central bank, which is its biggest drawback.
Indian Bank United in association with crypto banking service provider Cashaa has created a joint venture called UNICAS, which will provide both online crypto banking service and physical service to all 34 branches of the bank in North India. United and Kasha have decided to start a cryptocurrency banking service at a time when the rules and regulations in India are not completely clear.
UNICAS will allow Indian Bank United account holders to integrate their bank accounts directly with the cryptocurrency wallet. With this, customers will be able to buy cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin- BTC, Ether- ETH, Ripple- XRP and Casha-CAS by giving cash directly from their bank account.

Apart from this, the account holders of Indian Bank United will also be able to take loans in lieu of cryptocurrency. Cashaa CEO Kumar Gaurav said that the trend of cryptocurrency has increased in India, that is why we have decided to start UNICAS with Indian Bank United. He said that many cryptocurrency exchanges in India have registered growth of 200 percent to 400 percent.

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