What is Bihar Inter Caste Marriage Scheme

Bihar Inter Caste Marriage Scheme: Dear friends, today we want to tell you about Bihar Inter-caste Marriage Incentive Scheme because many young girls nowadays are   doing inter-caste marriages and it has to be encouraged due to which casteism is ending. The government also wants that casteism should end. 

Therefore, incentives are being given to promote those inter-caste marriages so that more and more inter-caste marriages take place and casteism should be eliminated. Madhya Pradesh is a very good initiative for you. Will give. Read our article carefully and get full information and get inter-caste marriage zodiac. To prevent untouchability, it is the objective of the bihar government to encourage inter-caste marriage.

 Bihar Interracial Marriage Award Scheme

Under the scheme, if a non-scheduled caste person marries a person belonging to a scheduled caste,  he will be given an incentive of Rs 2.5 lakh. The annual income  is set at Rs . 3.50  lakh to get the benefit of the scheme . 

What is Bihar Inter-Caste Marriage Scheme;
What is Bihar Inter-Caste Marriage Scheme;

How to get benefits of Bihar interracial marriage

  • 3.50 lakhs will be given as incentive.
  • The aim of the government is to encourage inter-caste marriage to prevent untouchability.
  • Let racism end.

bihar inter-caste marriage 

  • Aadhar Card
  • Voter card
  • Young man’s passport size photo
  • Bank copy

How to apply Bihar interracial marriage application online

  • please visit official website bihar inter caste marriage
  • After clicking on the website, you will see an online application form for inter-caste marriage promotion. 
  • Read all this information carefully. Care should be taken while filling the information.
  • Any information should not be wrong, if it happens then your form will be considered wrong.
  • In a married couple, a bride or groom, one of whom is a upper caste and the other is of scheduled caste, should submit an application to the District Magistrate to take advantage of the scheme.
  • Marriage, age, caste and original residence certificates should be attached to the application. Couples are selected after testing the application forms

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