Bihar CM Old Age Pension Scheme

Bihar CM Old Age Pension Scheme
Bihar CM Old Age Pension Scheme

Bihar Chief Minister Old Age Pension Scheme: The government continues to make efforts to improve the condition of the elderly in the country and give them a better life. The Bihar government has made a similar attempt. A pension scheme is being run for older people in the state of Bihar. The name of this scheme is Chief Minister Old Age Pension Scheme . Through this scheme financial assistance will be provided by the government to the destitute, poor and poor elderly of the state. So that he does not depend on anyone to fulfill his needs. Bihar Mukhyamantri Vridhjan (Old Age) Pension yojana takes care of the elders of all castes and classes in the state. Online application can be made to avail the scheme. If you find this Veterans ‘ Pension Scheme If you want to apply or want to get any information related to this scheme, then stay with us till the end on this article. 

In Bihar, there are many elderly people whose financial condition is not good, due to which they are also fascinated with the bread of two times, this scheme has been started to provide financial assistance and also Nursing homes provide with supreme services for senior citizens. to such people. Applications of people 60 years of age and above will be accepted under the Chief Minister Old Age Pension Scheme . Through this, the elderly will be helped up to 400-500 rupees every month . The best thing would be that, like the rest of the pension scheme, there will be no need to go for its application, the applicants will be able to apply at home. We will explain the application process in detail in the article below.

What is the purpose of Mukhyamantri Vidyadhan Yojana

Among the population of people living in the state of Bihar, there is a section which cannot do much due to their age, now this section has no income support nor care for them. In such a situation the dependence of these people should be removed from the society and they should be given a better life. That is the goal of this scheme. 500 rupees will be given to the elders of the state as pension from the government every month through this scheme. 

Some important things related to Bihar CM Old Age Pension Scheme

  • Under this scheme, all the elders of Bihar state who are 60 or older will be able to apply.
  • Under the scheme, a pension of 400 rupees per month will be given to the elderly up to 79 years, 
  • People above 80 years of age will be given 500 rupees per month.
  • The elders who apply do not have to go somewhere, so this scheme has been kept completely online. 
Bihar CM Old Age Pension Scheme
Bihar CM Old Age Pension Scheme

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Benefits of Chief Minister Older Pension Scheme

  • Through the scheme, the financial condition of the elders of the state will be fine.
  • He will not depend on anyone for his food and other needs. 
  • Due to lack of money, those who had to face the problem of eating will end.
  • The elders in the state will also be able to raise their heads, they will not have to spread their hands in front of anyone for their needs.

Mukhyamantri Vridhjan Pension yojana Application Conditions and Documents

  • The person applying for the scheme should be a resident of Bihar state
  • The minimum age of the applicant will be 60 years while no maximum age has been fixed.
  • Applicant must have his / her resident certificate
  • It is mandatory to have an Aadhaar card.
  • Age certificate
  • mobile number
  • Complete information of bank accounts

Mukhyamantri Vridhjan Pension yojana APPLY Online registration Form

Post Question related to Chief Minister Old Age Pension Scheme

MVPY is run by which state?

This scheme is being run by the Bihar state government.

What is the minimum age of application in Bihar Older Pension Scheme?

The minimum age of the person applying in this scheme has been kept at 60 years.

Can any elderly person apply in old age pension scheme?

No, only people of Bihar will be able to apply to this scheme.

How much money will be given to the elderly every month in the Bihar Chief Minister Old Age Pension Scheme?

Under the scheme, a pension of 400 rupees will be given to the elderly aged 60 to 79 years, while the elderly of 80 and above will be given 500 rupees per month.

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