Finally: Affordable English Lessons with a Native Speaker

English Lessons with a Native Speaker Can Help You Learn English: English is considered an international language, spoken in countries around the globe. But although English is widely spoken, it can be a challenging language to learn for non-native speakers. Why are “does” and “goes” pronounced differently? Not to mention “through,” “thought,” and “though.” With so many inconsistent grammar rules and pronunciations, how can non-native English speakers learn the language?

That’s where English lessons with native speakers can save the day. Native speakers can give you an “insider’s look” at the language and teach you the proper pronunciation, expressions, and slang so that YOU can speak English like a native.

What is the Best Website to Learn English and Talk with Natives?

If you want to learn to speak English like a native speaker, there’s only one place to go:, a tutoring website that has a large selection of native English speakers available for tutoring.

The site’s interface is very user-friendly—you can search for tutors using several filters. If you’re looking for native-speaking tutors, you should choose the filter “Tutor speaks” and then type in “English.” That will pull up a list of tutors who are native English speakers (you’ll want to do this since there are also tutors who may speak English, but aren’t native English speakers).

Other filters include price, location, and availability. You can also sort by price, from lowest to highest or vice versa, tutor popularity, and more. The different filters make it very easy to find the tutors who fit your needs most.

What Are the Benefits of Online English Lessons with Native Tutors?

You might think that in order to learn to speak English like a native, you should go to a college/ adult education course or find a local tutor, but there are drawbacks to both of these options. When you learn in a course, your teacher needs to consider the needs of all the students. You don’t get personal attention. If the pace is too slow or too fast, there’s nothing you can do about it. When you learn with a local tutor, you end up working around the tutor’s schedule and paying very high fees.

When you take English lessons online with private tutors, you don’t have those challenges. You get one-on-one time with a tutor who is only interested in helping YOU. There’s no one else to slow you down or go too fast. And the online tutors at Eurekly offer competitively priced lessons, with some starting as low as $5. You don’t need to fit into their schedule, but you can choose one who fits into your schedule.

Additionally, when you learn with an online tutor, you don’t need to spend time or money traveling—you can learn from your home or mobile, even when you’re in pajamas!

Why Should You Learn to Talk Like a Native English Speaker?

English is an international language, so the better you speak it, the better your opportunities. Knowing English can create immense opportunities in both your career and relationships.

In terms of career, knowing English can open up many international job opportunities, including sales, translation, healthcare, politics, and more. Cudoo has a list of the top jobs for bilinguals in 2022 and cites research that bilingual employees earn between 5% to 20% more than monolingual ones.

In terms of relationships, knowing English can open doors to creating new friendships and relationships—even romantic relationships! Even if English isn’t your native language, you may meet someone who only speaks English and decide that you want to pursue the relationship. Learning to speak English like a native can help that relationship progress. According to Gabriela Encina of Expat Psychology, there are many pitfalls when involved in a multilingual relationship. Therefore, learning English can go a long way in helping you achieve your relationship goals.

Different Types of Native English Speakers

When signing up for English lessons with a native speaker, it’s important to first know what type of English you want to learn—yes, there are many! The two main types are British English and American English, but there are also Canadian, Australian, and South African English. The type you learn will depend on where you live or what your career goals are. Whatever you decide, it’s important to choose a native English speaker who matches the type of English you want.

Sign Up For English Lessons with a Native Speaker Today!

There’s nothing quite like learning English with a native speaker. Whereas non-native English speakers may know some English, it can often be superficial knowledge. Native speakers can teach you to speak English like a native, which can open up many opportunities.

If you’re concerned about the cost of lessons, remember that certain tutors offer very affordable rates. Additionally, learning English can be thought of as an investment. If you invest now in your education, you can reap many benefits in the future. So if you’re ready to start speaking English like a native, check out Eurekly online tutors today.

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