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A Whirlwind Time Awaits You on MPL Ludo For Android & iOS


The pandemic has locked almost everyone inside the houses, compelling them to involve themselves in monotonous tasks. As a result, there is hardly anything exciting left to do. Every day you wake up, freshen up and sit for your work. Once the work is done, you start making preparations for the next day. In short, you miss the times you used to spend with friends and family despite being at home. Given the situation arising due to the pandemic and lockdown, the game developers have come up with the best games to keep individuals entertained and refreshed so that they are back to work fresh.

Among other games that are available on virtual platforms, online ludo has grabbed maximum eyeballs. Of course, the reason is the opportunity that people get to play together and enjoy the way they used to. If you are among those looking forward to reliving your childhood, ludo is the game for you. Many apps have come up with the latest versions of the game, but the most sought-after is MPL. By employing more than 800 employees across Pune, Bengaluru, Singapore, and New York, the app hosts over 70 games on its platform, as stated in one of the recent publications of The Hindu.

Thus, MPL is helping individuals get entertained and refreshed in the times of the pandemic and fulfilling the dreams of career aspirants, including game developers, in creating the best gaming platforms. Especially a game like ludo, which has been enjoyed with siblings, cousins, family members, and friends, needed to be efficient enough to keep that spirit of togetherness alive even in its virtual form. Developing something like online ludo was tough given the entertainment and personal touch factors necessarily required.

With MPL, online ludo has created a never-fading charm, allowing people to gather together in one room and start their game. Even in this time of social distancing, the game doesn’t let people feel alone or lonely. 

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What You Get To Enjoy With MPL Ludo?

When you play online ludo, the experience is in no way less exciting than the traditional games. In fact, you remember how badly you missed your cousin during the game in your childhood. With the virtual ludo format, you won’t miss anyone. Play with whoever you want to and enjoy to the fullest.

Unforgettable Family/Friend’s Time

Physical gathering to enjoy some fun time seems like a never-returning experience given the Covid-19 situations. But online ludo on MPL has made it possible by providing a platform where family members and friends come together in one room to enjoy the game, irrespective of the distance between them. Clicking on the play with friends option generates an online code. You can share the code with whoever you want to join the session. They put it in to join the same room as yours. Once all are in, you can start the game. It’s that easy.

Smooth Navigation

When it comes to online gaming, one of the most significant things to ensure is better navigation. With the flexibility to move the token smoothly, MPL’s online ludo has become one of the smoothest platforms to be at for any game. A little here and there can affect the entire session in an online game, making you lose it. Thus, it is important that when you touch a token, the move is made by that particular token and not another. The online ludo game on the platform is so designed that your move is never affected by a touch issue. The token you touch would be the token that moves.

Efficient Interaction

Just being on the same platform for enjoying the game isn’t that happening. MPL ludo, therefore, offers the best modes of interaction as well. There are audios using which you can interact with each other and direct the teammate to make a suitable move. In fact, the platform also offers a myriad of emoticons to share your emotions with each other. If you are winning, you can tease the losing players using the evil grin. If you are happy with your mates move, you can send smileys. In short, you can express your emotions without any restrictions.

Best Fun Time

When you have your best people playing your best game on a virtual platform, you get the best fun time to enjoy. Especially during this time of pandemic when you all are locked inside and can’t meet each other, MPL’s ludo is just attempting to ensure you have a great time together on this platform. With friends and family, efficient audio interactions, smooth moves to make, and emotions to express, every feature has been inculcated in online ludo to make sure you do not miss the traditional form of the game.

Let Your Opponent Start From Scratch

Count the number you require to replace your opponent’s token with yours. It will make your rival start the game all over again. Nothing could be as great an experience as this one. Plus, you remember you also have emoticons to tease the player. Use them and see how interesting the overall game becomes. It will not only refresh you but also enhance your bonding with each other. After all, you all are meant to tease and love each other. And the best part is that the game also gives you a chance to build your relationship with people who might not be your friend but a friend’s friend, whom you get to know well while playing.

With the above features waiting to rejuvenate you and help you relive and cherish your childhood one more time, you can download the MPL app on your device and begin playing online ludo today. Join, play, enjoy, tease, lose, or win; it will be a whirlwind time for you while playing MPL ludo on your Android. 

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