Are you a computer gamer that is in search of a new device? Is your current desktop or laptop having a hard time keeping up with today’s high-tech gaming specifications? Before you make a purchase, you may want to ask the big question: which makes more sense for you – a laptop or a desktop? Here we’ll examine five reasons to choose a gaming laptop over a desktop, hopefully making the purchase decision much easier for you.

Portability Is the Main Selling Feature

It likely comes as no surprise that the main selling feature of a gaming laptop is its portability. Being able to take your laptop on the go means you can engage in gaming regardless of where you are. In that sense, it rivals the handheld gaming devices, yet you get the bonuses of a much bigger screen and more power and storage.

For gamers who plan on taking their laptop on the go, make sure to look for one that is slim, sleek, and doesn’t weigh much. You’ll also want to invest in a good quality carrying case that keeps it protected and secure.

There Is a Price Difference

Budget is a big concern for many and if that sounds like you, then you’ll like the price points you can find in a gaming laptop. Check out devices like these from Lenovo and you’ll see that many are priced lower than a standard gaming desktop. This means you can afford a new device that much sooner.

There’s No Need to Purchase Additional Accessories

Because a laptop’s features are all integrated, it means you won’t have to buy additional accessories if you don’t want to. There is no need for an external mouse, webcam, speakers, keyboard, and monitor. On the flip side, you still have the option of adding these external accessories if you feel they will enhance your gaming experience.

Keep in mind if you’re buying a gaming desktop, you will likely need to purchase the tower and monitor separately.

Want a Bigger Screen? Not a Problem

Gamers may be under the impression that if they want to purchase a laptop, they will have to settle for a small screen size, but that’s not the case. Check out the 17-inch systems that are impressive and won’t have you straining to see the screen. At the same time, they are still lightweight and portable, as it doesn’t add much weight to the device.

Be sure to also focus on screen resolution, as it’s not just the size of the screen but also the quality of the picture that will determine your gaming experience.

Some Devices Allow You to Upgrade the RAM

Some laptop models allow you to change the storage and RAM, upgrading it later on if needed. Not all offer this feature, however, so be sure to inquire before making a purchase.

When weighing up the pros and cons between a gaming laptop or a gaming desktop, it needs to come down to your specific needs, wants, budget, and the games you plan on playing.

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