Grant Proposal
Grant Proposal

Once your grant proposal is over, take your time to pay close attention to detail. Going through your proposal in a rush is why some grant proposals are poorly written and have minor issues. However, other errors are major and will disqualify your grant proposal immediately. So to ensure you become among the shortlisted in your government grants proposal. Do in-depth research, have strong institutional support, and work with qualified personnel, among other things. Below are critical errors you need to avoid making at all costs. 

Not allowing sufficient time to write 

Some key components to a successful grant proposal include allowing adequate time to research, writing the grant proposal, and making sure all the forms and letters of recommendation are complete. Plus, studies show individuals who submit their grant proposal at least four or more days before the submission date have a 40% chance to receive the funds than those submitting the grant application last minute. Therefore, start early, work on a plan and routine, and you will handle the grant process better and complete it on time. 

  • Poor writing and editing

Grammatical mistakes are not the only sign your writing is poor. There is so much more under grammatical mistakes. Such as the use of wordy sentences, acronyms and jargon, long paragraphs, and making the reviewers find out the main reason you are requesting funding, among others. Also, when you fail to edit the grant application, it is an error affecting your writing. To remedy this issue, ensure you give a qualified editor to help proofread before you submit it. Although reviewers do not score your application for grammar, your poor writing and lack of editing reflect a lack of attention to detail and sloppy work. 

Lack of experience in your project

When you lack focus, it reflects on your writing and the scope. Thus, this will show in your application. Therefore, use your research and preliminary data as a guide to narrow the focus of your proposal and what you can do with the allotted time. Also, the credibility of your proposal depends on the implementers in the field. And why you need to work with qualified personnel. Reviewers are looking for principal investigators or project directors with training in their project field. Plus, they should have succeeded in similar projects in the past, have a record of working efficiently in a team, and are recognized for their contributions. 

Choosing a project with limited impact

What project are you seeking to grant money for in your area? Selecting a project with broad impact demonstrates the money you get will serve a larger population needing intervention. While a project with limited impact is not sustainable, it is costly and restricted to a small population. As part of this, due to the limited impact project, you may fail to convince the reviewers your research stands out. Remember, you should be enthusiastic about the project. The reviewers can feel the lack of enthusiasm and lose interest in your project.

Not paying attention to instructions 

All grants are different and come with various instructions. Therefore, you need to be keen while writing your application to get all the instructions right. There is no need to face rejection because of font size or margin width. Yet, this occurs often in most grant applications. Unfortunately, almost half of the proposals individuals submit, are eliminated immediately because the writers did not follow directions. Also, the lack of research or preliminary data is a mistake people make. Research in writing a grant is essential to prove your hypothesis is plausible. So make your proposal credible and do thorough research of the subject matter.  

To sum up, the above errors are easy to commit. Thus, if you want to finish the grant process first, consider the errors to avoid. Therefore, you need to know who you are and what you want to accomplish with the grant. For instance, attention to detail, professionalism, and enthusiasm are characteristics to advance your proposal to the best of your competition. Notably, it is vital to get support from your institution as it demonstrates your program is part of your institutional mission.

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