5-Helpful pointers for managing your Social media presence

Social media presence
Social media presence

Helpful pointers for managing your Social media presence: If you are a brand, chances are high that you already have a presence on social media in some way. The question is – do you have a thriving and active presence? Or is your brand just existing without a proper strategy?

The truth is that most brands are in the mode of ‘just existing’. They do not have much impact, and this is due to a common mistake – expecting high-level results from only posting a few random links through the day, mentioning some people, and leaving. If you are struggling to increase your brand visibility, the answer lies in creating a social media strategy.

Although the biggest brands have budgets dedicated to social media marketing, you do not necessarily need that – all you need is to learn the principles they use and replicate them on a smaller scale. We will discuss some of them below.

Setting goals

Among the most important questions you can ask yourself is why you are on social media anyway – being unclear about your specific purpose, or just joining because everyone you know is there, is a problem.

You must set SMART goals, such as increasing the number of followers on your Instagram account by 30% in 6 months and setting a way to achieve that goal, such as looking for sites where you can buy cheap Instagram followers. Knowing your goals will help you avoid the trap of aimless posting, which plagues so many businesses and individuals alike.

Know your audiences

Once you know the goals you have for your social media presence, you need to know your audience – and it is not everyone. Knowing this helps you to figure out posting schedules, the platforms you are active on, the content type you publish, your profile’s information, and the voice of your brand.

A major mistake many brands make is the failure to post content that caters to a specific audience. You will need to examine your audience’s personas, as well as the brands they love and the challenges they experience. Knowing this information will help you stand out from competitors and grow your presence.

Being human

Among the worst mistakes many brands make is showing up as faceless and with zero personality or unique traits. This is a bad idea as this is an era of transparency since they want to know the humans behind your business or personal brand.

In many instances, people enjoy seeing brands making jokes and talking to other social media users and brands as if they were friends – it is very entertaining, and doing this will encourage your followers to look forward to your posts.

This can also involve posting pictures or random snapshots of the team that works alongside you, whether they are ‘in the wild’, working, or enjoying group activities like team games, which will also build a personalized connection to your followers.

Look for relationships instead of followers

The debate of having more followers versus relationships is something we can debate on for an entire lifetime; it never stops. With that in mind, having many followers is a good thing, but it is even better to build relationships with them and engage with them, which builds a sustainable, long-term brand presence.

Avoid leaving the ‘social’ aspect out of social media. The beauty of social media platforms is that you can create and cultivate relationships with anyone around the world, and they will equally be excited to talk with you. Some things you can do if you are unsure where to begin are mentioning people in your posts, answering your followers’ questions (like doing AMAs), and replying to comments and posts.

Editorial calendars are important too

Content schedules are not a preserve of the biggest social media brands – it is a necessity. There are chances you may be handling multiple social media accounts and you always want to ensure your posts are at the right time and fit the right descriptions, right?

Making a content calendar makes your work much easier because it helps you time your posts optimally, fine-tune their content without needing to log in and out of different accounts and avoid content repetition.

Social media presence and your brand growth is not a straightforward process for everyone, but these principles and more will help you build it and get yourself ahead of the game.

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